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ZOOM Shoot up
ZOOM Blow up
ZOOM Surge
ZOOM Where animals are held captive, months go very fast
ZOOM 1970s kids' show that introduced Ubbi Dubbi
ZOOM Exhibit
ZOOM "She's on the ___" by Don Henley
ZOOM Enlarge animal park before first of March
ZOOM Not slow
ZOOM Super-fast archenemy on "The Flash"
ZOOM Canon function
ZOOM Go fast
ZOOM PBS show 'by kids, for kids'
ZOOM Take off like a rocket
ZOOM Cinematographic technique
ZOOM Rocket
ZOOM Camera lens
ZOOM Powerful camera lens
ZOOM Speed with which lots of different animals may cover miles
ZOOM Sweep
ZOOM Swoop
ZOOM Travel quickly
ZOOM Close (in)
ZOOM Go really fast
ZOOM Show that asked kids to write to "Boston, Mass., 0-2-1-3-4"
ZOOM 1992 Brian Eno album "Fractal ___"
ZOOM Repeated word in Mazda commercials
ZOOM Camera device for bringing pictures from distance to close-up
ZOOM Move at speed
ZOOM Camcorder feature
ZOOM Shutterbug's lens
ZOOM Certain lens
ZOOM Speed
ZOOM Bring into close-up the animal park at the beginning of the month
ZOOM Camera shot shows maiden at end of garden with animals
ZOOM Move rapidly (in, up)
ZOOM Rush to animal park before the end of term
ZOOM Go like heck
ZOOM Latest character bringing up low cinematic technique?
ZOOM Repeated Mazda ad word
ZOOM Change from long shot to close-up or vice versa
ZOOM It helps reveal more details
ZOOM ___ in; use a close-up lens
ZOOM Camera's close-up lens
ZOOM Camera attachment, informally
ZOOM Rush around
ZOOM Skyrocket
ZOOM Flash
ZOOM Type of lens
ZOOM ___ lens
ZOOM Change focal length
ZOOM Billy of X
ZOOM Go a mile a minute
ZOOM Move swiftly and noisily
ZOOM Climb sharply and briefly in aircraft a change camera's focal length
ZOOM 2006 adventure-comedy film starring Tim Allen and Courteney Cox
ZOOM Whirl
ZOOM Collection of animals seen with medium sort of lens
ZOOM Chaotic place, centre for human race
ZOOM Speed along - type of lens
ZOOM Type of lens that can get really close
ZOOM Lens type
ZOOM Married at Whipsnade, perhaps, move very quickly
ZOOM Quickly pan (in)
ZOOM Type of lens for close-up shots
ZOOM The Animals may initially make a persistent noise!
ZOOM Outstrip
ZOOM Move rapidly or with buzz
ZOOM Camera feature
ZOOM Spurt
ZOOM Camera shop item, informally
ZOOM Prepare for a closeup
ZOOM Video camera feature
ZOOM Rush miles, chasing animals
ZOOM Whoosh!
ZOOM PBS kids' show
ZOOM Look very quickly where all the animals are by the thousand
ZOOM Move rapidly - type of lens
ZOOM Go very fast
ZOOM Whizz - camera lens
ZOOM Rise sharply
ZOOM It brings you closer to your subjects
ZOOM When said twice, a former Mazda slogan
ZOOM Digital camera option
ZOOM Move swiftly with a buzzing sound
ZOOM Camera feature
ZOOM Lens for close-ups

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