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SPAM Odds on two-year-old setting mother up on computer is pure junk
SPAM Most of it is filtered these days
SPAM Bane of cyberspace
SPAM Bombard with e-junk
SPAM Possible item from menu one doesn't want on computer
SPAM Is a cartographer up for contents of tin?
SPAM Meat loaf
SPAM Meat that comes in a can
SPAM Canned, pre-cooked meat which went on sale in 1937
SPAM Unwanted correspondence with uncle across the pond about power
SPAM Junk in an email in-box
SPAM Contents of a modern flood
SPAM A dispiritingly large amount of e-mail
SPAM E-ads, e.g.
SPAM Message from a bogus Nigerian prince, e.g.
SPAM Canned product since 1937
SPAM Scammers, pests and menaces, primarily
SPAM It may be trapped in a filter
SPAM Email that's likely to be deleted
SPAM Target of a Delete button
SPAM Unwanted correspondence with return of charts
SPAM Junk electronic mail
SPAM Inbox clutter, often
SPAM Rising charts of junk emails
SPAM Virtual junk food found in tin
SPAM Unwanted in-box filler
SPAM Many get-out-of-debt offers
SPAM Email that you might filter out
SPAM Send a bunch of messages to, say
SPAM Rejected plans for unpopular material from Internet
SPAM Grasp a marigold - and find canned ham, the proprietary name of which was registered in 1937 in the US!
SPAM Tinned meat heads specific products and manufactures
SPAM Second million that Dad's put into tinned food
SPAM Meat featured in a Monty Python musical title
SPAM Meat in a Monty Python routine
SPAM Roughly 50 billion messages every day
SPAM Under the weather
SPAM Computer nuisance
SPAM Canned meat with a museum in Austin, Minnesota
SPAM Upset plans to clog net
SPAM Unwanted messages and charts turned up
SPAM Charts rise of unwanted emails
SPAM Betting morning brings unwanted mail
SPAM Back plans for junk mail
SPAM Maybe Cheltenham maiden gets unwanted emails
SPAM Plans drawn up for Napoleon's possible fate?
SPAM Tinned meat made largely from pork
SPAM Computer junk mail
SPAM Many a blocked message
SPAM Oft-blocked ads
SPAM Most of it nowadays is filtered
SPAM Email from Nigeria, say
SPAM Cyber-trash
SPAM Pesky email
SPAM Irrelevant messages sent over the internet
SPAM Canned meat that's very popular in Hawaii
SPAM E-mail that's sent out by the millions
SPAM ?Tinned meat is rubbish on internet
SPAM Canned pork product
SPAM Front-line chow, once
SPAM Meat in a mess
SPAM Canned meat used in Hawaiian cuisine
SPAM Junky e-mail
SPAM Product sold in tins
SPAM Most email from deposed Nigerian princes
SPAM User's in-box junk
SPAM Newsgroup nuisance
SPAM Food served initially by woman man eats quietly
SPAM Junk email or canned meat product
SPAM Hormel meat product
SPAM Meat product that's the subject of a Minnesota museum
SPAM Meat on the cheap
SPAM Plans to return and send junk mail
SPAM Plans to return such unsolicited messages
SPAM Rejection of plans for annoying emails
SPAM Kind of blocker
SPAM Processed meat that's sometimes called "the Hawaiian steak"
SPAM Get tinned pork on the net
SPAM Something on menu that computer user doesn't ask to get
SPAM Cyber-junk mail
SPAM Health resort superior to McDonald's for processed food
SPAM Note put about in the morning conveys unwanted message
SPAM Subject of a museum in Austin, Minn.
SPAM Blocked email, often
SPAM Set up plans for cheap source of protein
SPAM Unwanted e-mail or sandwich spread
SPAM Junk mail in your e-box
SPAM Emails ultimately dispatched by jerk?
SPAM Canned brand
SPAM A canned meat product made mainly from ham
SPAM Annoying messages from small girl
SPAM Filtered email
SPAM Unasked-for e-mail
SPAM Computer user should ignore this inferior option in menu
SPAM Send an unwanted message
SPAM Much-maligned food
SPAM What many email filters try to weed out
SPAM Mailbox buildup
SPAM E-promotions, e.g.

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