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SISI "You said it!," in Sonora
SISI "They say" it in Spain, in an old Andrews Sisters hit
SISI Part of a Mexican-American accord?
SISI "You bet, Juanita!"
SISI Jose's okay
SISI Senorita's promise
SISI "Absolutely!," to Alejandro
SISI Mexican's agreement
SISI "Absolutely!" in Acapulco
SISI Senora's assent
SISI "Absolutely!", to Juan
SISI "Certainly!," south of the border
SISI Emphatic answer in Andalusia
SISI "Yes, yes!", in Spain
SISI "Yes, indeed," in Madrid
SISI Aye-aye relative?
SISI "Sure thing" for Speedy Gonzales
SISI Emphatic agreement from Alejandro
SISI Acapulco affirmative
SISI Spanish words of agreement
SISI "Yes, yes!" to Iglesias
SISI Diego's double affirmative
SISI Jose's emphatic assent
SISI "Spanish Eyes" assent
SISI Senor's response
SISI Reply to Ricardo
SISI Pedro's "Positively!"
SISI Opposite of "no no"
SISI "Of course, Jorge!"
SISI Hoped-for reply in "Spanish Eyes"
SISI "Say ___" (1940 Andrews Sisters hit)
SISI Andalusian assent
SISI Emphatic assent
SISI Eduardo's emphatic affirmative
SISI Acapulco approval
SISI "Yes, yes!" in Cancun
SISI "Yes, yes" in Mexico
SISI Emphatic assent, in Baja
SISI Double assent from Senor
SISI "Oui, oui," across the Pyrenees
SISI "For sure, Fernando!"
SISI Enthusiastic reply from Sosa
SISI Insistent assent, to Luis
SISI Assent in Acapulco
SISI No-no's opposite?
SISI Enthusiastic assent, in Spanish
SISI Enthusiastic reply in Mexico
SISI Yes x 2, in Madrid
SISI Emphatic affirmative in Ecuador
SISI Emphatic yes in Yucatan
SISI Pedro's affirmative
SISI Seville servant's response
SISI "Definitely!" in Durango
SISI Enthusiastic Spanish assent
SISI Exultant shout from Sergio Garcia
SISI Mexican affirmatives
SISI Sonoran assent
SISI "But of course, amigo!"
SISI Argentine's emphatic assent
SISI Spanish ayes
SISI "Spanish Eyes" ayes
SISI Emphatic assent, in Nogales
SISI Enthusiastic okay, in Seville
SISI "Yes, yes," in Yucatan
SISI "Yes, yes!", in Spain: 2 wds.
SISI Emphatic assent from Enrique
SISI Abdel Fattah el-___, the president of Egypt
SISI "I agree, seanor!"
SISI Resounding approval, from Alicante
SISI Enthusiastic overseas assent
SISI Mexican version of 46-Down
SISI Acapulco affirmatives
SISI Castilian's "Of course!"
SISI Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-___
SISI "Aye aye, capitan"
SISI ''Yes, yes,'' in Spain
SISI 66 Across, for Alberto
SISI ''Absolutamente!''
SISI Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-___
SISI Senor's enthusiastic yes
SISI Enthusiastic Spanish assent
SISI Emphatic Spanish assent
SISI "Yes, yes!," in Mexico
SISI Spanish "Yes, yes!" (2 wds.)
SISI Spanish ayes?
SISI Acapulco acceptance
SISI "In Spain, They Say ___"
SISI Emphatic agreement, south of the border
SISI Spanish ayes
SISI "Absolutely!" in Madrid
SISI With 10-Down, enthusiastic south-of-the-border assent
SISI Spanish enthusiastic assent
SISI Sanctions south of El Paso
SISI Seville assent: 2 wds.
SISI Acapulco assent: 2 wds.
SISI ''Certainly, señora!''
SISI Emphatic agreement in España
SISI Emphatic Acapulco assent
SISI ''¡Absolutamente!''
SAKI "The Open Window" author

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