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SHE Ma'am or dam
SHE "___ shall be called Woman" (Gen 2:23)
SHE Female that, boarding bus, may get items from garden centre
SHE Female animal
SHE Female animal
SHE (K) Not he
SHE There"d be war if this female left washer alone!
SHE Elle, across the English Channel
SHE Devil or bear preceder
SHE Word in the titles of six songs by the Beatles
SHE The woman over there
SHE Pronoun for "A League of Their Own"
SHE Mother or daughter
SHE This tanker
SHE "___ Done Him Wrong" (Mae West flick)
SHE Girl
SHE Female
SHE "___ Hate Me" (2004 Spike Lee film)
SHE 1935 movie starring Helen Gahagan as Queen Hash-a-Mo-Tep of Kor
SHE 'Ain't ___ Sweet?' (Tin Pan Alley song)
SHE #1 tune of 1990 "___ Ain't Worth It"
SHE Sow or dam
SHE "___ sweeps with many-colored brooms": Dickinson
SHE What sailors call skiffs
SHE Novel subtitled "A History of Adventure"
SHE "Now I ain't sayin' ___ a gold digger" (Kanye West lyric)
SHE The woman didn't quite make the hut in the garden
SHE Elle, in translation
SHE Ricky Martin's "___ Bangs"
SHE Byron's "___ Walks in Beauty"
SHE George Sand or George Eliot, really
SHE "And ___ said, Yea, for so much" (Acts 5:8)
SHE Seagoing pronoun
SHE Swab's pronoun
SHE The Pequod, to Ahab
SHE Ship, to a skipper
SHE Boat, to a captain
SHE "___ Blinded Me with Science": 1983 hit
SHE "___ Blinded Me With Science" (1983 Thomas Dolby hit)
SHE "___ Blinded Me With Science" (1983 Thomas Dolby hit)
SHE Black Crowes hit "___ Talks to Angels"
SHE Filly or jenny, e.g.
SHE Cow or dam
SHE The girl who cries out for nuts?
SHE That woman introduces Sherlock Holmes's last case
SHE Lord Byron's "___ Walks in Beauty"
SHE The girl from Esher
SHE ___-Hulk (female Marvel superhero)
SHE "Tonight ___ Comes" (hit by the Cars)
SHE The one who must be obeyed
SHE The woman is helpless inside
SHE Laverne, later?
SHE Pronoun sometimes used for vehicles
SHE See 9
SHE 'I'll Say ___ Is' (early Marx Brothers revue)
SHE First song on "More of the Monkees"
SHE Maiden rejected by flood survivor - the one demanding obedience?
SHE 'The ___ Creature' (1957 monster flick)
SHE "___ Drives Me Crazy": 1989 no. 1 hit
SHE "Thar-blows" link
SHE Caitlin Jenner, since 2015
SHE "___ Drives Me Crazy" (1989 hit)
SHE 1880s novel subtitled "A History of Adventure"
SHE Female pronoun in three quarters of a shed!
SHE African sorceress of fiction
SHE African goddess of fiction
SHE Ace of Base's "All That ___ Wants"
SHE "___ Cried" (Jay and the Americans hit)
SHE "___ Watch Channel Zero?!" (Public Enemy)
SHE "___ Drives Me Crazy" (1989 #1 hit)
SHE Novel title
SHE Pronoun often used for ships
SHE Noted seashore vendor, in a tongue twister
SHE "___ Bop" (Cyndi Lauper hit of '84)
SHE "Does ___, or doesn't..." (old Clairol slogan)
SHE Personal pronoun
SHE Pronoun for a doe
SHE Ewe or doe
SHE "___ Stoops to Conquer"
SHE One side in a battle of the sexes
SHE Listen in on, in a way
SHE "___ Believes In Me" (Kenny Rogers hit)
SHE "Steady as___goes"
SHE 2007 movie, "Then - Found Me"
SHE "That's what ___ said"
SHE Tommy James and the Shondells hit
SHE "____ Belongs to Me"
SHE Word repeated in the Beatles title "___ Said ___ Said"
SHE The other woman
SHE Word before some animal names
SHE Pronoun for a calico cat
SHE "___ Wore a Yellow Ribbon": 1949 film
SHE "___ Will Be Loved" (Maroon 5 song)
SHE "___ Wore a Yellow Ribbon" (John Wayne film)
SHE "___-Devil"
SHE He follows small female
SHE Maritime address
SHE TV's "Murder, ___ Wrote" THE Daily Commuter Puzzle by Jacqueline E. Mathews FOR RELEASE MAY 8, 2018
SHE Miss, e.g.
SHE Pronoun for the Golden Hind

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