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RFK '60s Atty. Gen.
RFK Assassination victim of '68
RFK U.S. senator slain in 1968
RFK 1968 presidential candidate alongside E.J.M.
RFK Second-oldest N.L. stadium
RFK '60s atty. gen. whose brother served as president
RFK "Bobby" subject, for short
RFK 1968 assassination victim, familiarly
RFK N.L. East stadium
RFK Stadium that was the site of the 1969 All-Star Game
RFK He served as A.G. under his brother
RFK D.C. stadium named after a 1960s Attorney General
RFK ___ Stadium (home of baseball's Washington Nationals)
RFK Stadium where the Washington Nationals play
RFK Former NFL stadium in DC
RFK '60s Cabinet monogram
RFK LBJ's would-be successor in 1968
RFK Subj. of "Bobby" (2006)
RFK N.Y.C.'s ___ Bridge
RFK Washington's ___ Stadium
RFK Early 1960s atty. gen.
RFK Bobby's monogram, in '60s politics
RFK D.C. United's stadium
RFK Monogram of a '60s attorney general
RFK D.C.'s __ Stadium
RFK Brother of DDE's successor
RFK Honoree of a D.C. stadium
RFK Who Sirhan Sirhan shot, for short
RFK Nats' former stadium, briefly
RFK DC soccer venue for the 1996 Olympics
RFK 1960s brother of a Pres.
RFK ___ Stadium, home of the Nationals
RFK LBJ’s first attorney general
RFK Honoree of a D.C. stadium
RFK '60s A.G.
RFK D.C. United's former stadium
RFK D.C.'s ___ Stadium
RFK Stadium near the US Capitol
RFK '60s atty. general
RFK Washington, D.C., stadium named for a 1960s political figure (Abbr.)
RFK D.C. United's former stadium (Abbr.)
RFK What D.C. Stadium was renamed in 1969
REM Alternative rock band that was fronted by Michael Stipe
REM Band since 1980 that disbanded in 2011
REM Band with the 4x platinum album "Automatic for the People"
REM Dreamer's action, for short
REM Brandt's introducer
REM "New Adventures in Hi-Fi" band
REM "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" band
REM Stage occurring several times a night, briefly
REM A.m.e.r.i.c.a.n. b.a.n.d.
REM Sleep study abbr.
REM Band with the quadruple-platinum album "Out of Time"
REM Sleep stage that involves dreams
REM 'Automatic for the People' band
REM Band with the 1989 hit "Stand"
REM American band from Athens
REM "Murmur" band
REM A spacecraft that carries astronauts from the command module to the surface of the moon and back.
REM A spacecraft that carries astronauts from the command module to the surface of the moon and back.
REM Group with the No. 1 album "Out of Time"
REM "Losing My Religion" rock band
REM Rock group from Athens, Georgia
REM "Losing My Religion" singers
REM Band whose first hit single was "The One I Love"
REM "Shiny happy People" r.o.c.k.e.r.s.
REM 60 Radiation dosage
REM Band with the aliases Hornets Attack Victor Mature and It Crawled From the South
REM Res, ____, rei, rei, re, 5th decl.
REM Sleep state, for short
REM Ad ___ (relevant)
REM Band whose members formed Hindu Love Gods with Warren Zevon
REM & 10ac & 11d You've hit the nail on the head, by Jeeves! [three-word answer]
REM Dream indication
REM "Losing My Religion" band
REM Ad ___ (pertinent)
REM Type of sleep cycle
REM Alternative pop/rock group
REM Buck's band
REM "Me In Honey" band
REM Band with the multiplatinum albums "Out of Time" and "Monster"
REM "Everybody Hurts" band
REM ___ sleep
REM Dreamer's activity: Abbr.
REM "Shiny Happy People" singers
REM Georgia band inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007
REM "Out of Time" band
REM Georgia band that won three Grammys in 1992
REM Matter, to Marc Antony
REM "It's the End of the World As We Know It" band
REM "Shiny Happy People" band, 1991
REM "Belong" band
REM Band that received the second-ever Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album
REM Sleep lab study
REM Sleep lab study
REM ___ sleep (a chance to dream)
REM "Monster" alt-rock band
REM Sleep stage during which dreams occur
REM Sign you're having a dream
REM Sleeper's dream state, for short

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