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LENTIGO Technical name for a freckle
LENTIGO Skin condition has spread into leg
LENTIGO Skin disease
LENTIGO Fast Russian man mostly displaying skin condition
LENTIGO Spot Psammead's name written backwards in blocks
LENTIGO Fast I travel, producing brown mark
LENTIGO A freckle has gone, lit in such a way
LENTIGO Patchy condition of fast travel limiting one
LENTIGO Oil gent applied specially for skin condition
LENTIGO I travel fast before finding a spot
LENTIGO Freckles on leg, it developed
LENTIGO I leave fast, starting to get a freckle
LENTIGO Type of skin lesion such as the ink-spot ___
LENTIGO Neil got ugly freckle
LENTILS Lent half of Basil's legumes
LENTILS Leguminous plants
LENTILS High-protein vegetables
LENTILS Food given to a little gerbil, say
LENTILS Main ingredient of dal
LENTILS Some legumes
LENTILS Pulses taken in part of hospital where ill wander around
LENTILS Legumes often used in soup
LENTILS Pod veggies used in soups
LENTILS Soup legumes
LENTILS Orange edible seeds
LENTILS Masoor dal is prepared using the red variety of these pulses while those from Puy in France are gree
LENTILS A number possibly listen to the pulse
LENTILS Leguminous seeds for soup or stew
LENTILS Soup seeds
LENTILS Nutritious legumes
LENTILS Pulses used in dhal, to thicken soups or added to pumpkin/squash stews
LENTILS Tiny disc-shaped legumes
LENTILS Soup veggies
LENTILS Soup veggies
LENTILS Edible seed
LENTILS Soup veggies
LENTILS Soup legumes
LENTISK Silk net made into mastic
LENTOID Shaped like a lens
LENTINI Gianluigi, footballer transferred from Torino to Milan in 1992 for a world record fee
LENTOUT Let others use

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