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FURS Hairy garments
FURS Collies' coats
FURS Skins
FURS Otter and others
FURS Minks and sables
FURS Ermine and sable
FURS Ermines and such
FURS Pelages
FURS Hairs
FURS PETA targets
FURS PETA likes faux ones
FURS Cold-weather wear
FURS Hides in the closet?
FURS Coats made from animal skins
FURS Coats
FURS "Drag my ___ on the ground" (Tracy Chapman line)
FURS Coverings
FURS Poacher's take
FURS Astor's inventory
FURS Pelts
FURS Growths
FURS Fluffs
FURS Animal rights concerns
FURS Cloakroom inventory
FURS Wraps
FURS Downs
FURS Garments no longer politically correct
FURS Piles
FURS Velvet Underground "Venus in ___"
FURS Sloughs
FURS Cold weather warmers
FURS Mink and sable
FURS Mink coats, e.g.
FURS Lints
FURS Animals' coats
FURS Expensive wraps
FURS Sable and chinchilla
FURS PETA anathemas
FURS Animal hides
FURS Hides
FURS Animal rights activists' concerns
FURS Trappers' wares
FURS John Jacob Astor traded them
FURS Fitch and muskrat
FURS Venus in _: Velvet Underground song
FURS Trapper's wares
FURS Dressy garments
FURS Sables or ermines
FURS Trappers' wares
FURS Coats opposed by PETA
FURS Hudson's Bay Company wares
FURS Trappers’ wares
FURS Jackets
FURS Warm wraps
FURS Faux or fox coats
FURS Pelts
FURS Some faux outerwear
FURS Part of a rich woman's wardrobe?
FATS -- Domino, US rhythm-and-blues pianist and singer
FATS Nickname of Thomas Wright Waller
FATS Jazz great Waller
FATS What is the nickname of R&B legend Antoine Dominique Domino?
FATS Bests
FATS Highs
FATS Hangings
FATS Rounds
FATS Good-and bad-dietary substances
FATS Lipids in most of personnel on the rise
FATS Larges
FATS Readies
FATS Goods
FATS Beers
FATS Spares
FATS Domino from New Orleans
FATS Chief parts of adipose tissue
FATS Loves
FATS Loves
FATS Suet and blubber
FATS Blubbers
FATS Gleason's role in "The Hustler"
FATS Scrubs
FATS Foods such as butter and lard
FATS Concern for one trying to lose
FATS Tenders
FATS Fulls
FATS Outsides
FATS Blubber and suet
FATS Minnesota ___ (legendary pool player)
FATS Creams
FATS Treasures
FATS Prizes
FATS Prizes
FATS Prides
FATS Prides
FATS Picks
FATS Domino or Minnesota
FATS Butterballs
FATS Stomachs
FATS Looses

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