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DEPT Pop singer Tori
DEPT Sears section: Abbr.
DEPT Any of 15 in the cabinet: Abbr.
DEPT Div. of a business
DEPT Grocery store section, for short
DEPT Supermarket's 'Bakery', e.g.
DEPT Co. subdivision
DEPT Cabinet memb.'s domain
DEPT Governmental division: Abbr.
DEPT Subdivision (Abbr.)
DEPT Accounting or sales, e.g. (Abbr.)
DEPT Section, briefly
DEPT Executive Branch div.
DEPT Agric. or H.H.S., e.g.
DEPT Part of D.O.E.: Abbr.
DEPT "___ of Nat. Defence"
DEPT Men's or Women's, e.g.: Abbr.
DEPT What the "D" stands for in "NYPD": Abbr.
DEPT Company division: Abbr.
DEPT ___ of National Defence (Forces org.)
DEPT Justice, for one: Abbr.
DEPT Place to board a bus or train
DEPT Part of U.S.D.A.: Abbr.
DEPT Type of store (Abbr.)
DEPT "Fire" follower (Abbr.)
DEPT HUD, for one (abbr.)
DEPT 'Menswear' or 'Shoes' in a clothing store, for short
DEPT U.S. Govt. subgroup
DEPT Accounting, e.g.: Abbr.
DEPT Part of LAPD (Abbr.)
DEPT HUD, for one: Abbr.
DEPT Labor or Justice, e.g. (Abbr.)
DEPT ___of Educ.
DEPT Part of D.o.J.: Abbr.
DEPT Fire or police bldg.
DEPT Macy's div., e.g.
DEPT Univ. division
DEPT ___of Sanitation
DEPT Part of NYPD: Abbr.
DEPT Gov. division
DEPT Agriculture or Energy: Abbr.
DEPT Corp. division
DEPT Branch of government (Abbr.)
DEPT Commerce, e.g.: Abbr.
DEPT Cabinet div.
DEPT Type of store, briefly
DEPT Company division (abbr.)
DEPT Office div.
DEPP "Secret Window" star, 2004
DEPP "Sleepy Hollow" star
DEPP He played Captain Sparrow on screen
DEPP "Tusk" actor Johnny
DEPP Johnny of 'From Hell'
DEPP Star who reprises his role as Hatter in Alice Through the Looking Glass, Johnny ___
DEPP Barrie's portrayer in "Finding Neverland"
DEPP "Don Juan DeMarco" actor
DEPP Johnny ___ of Dark Shadows
DEPP He plays Grindelwald in the "Fantastic Beasts" movies
DEPP "Donnie Brasco" star
DEPP "Blow" actor Johnny
DEPP Johnny of "Sleepy Hollow"
DEPP Jack Sparrow's portrayer
DEPP Portrayer of Crane and Sparrow on film
DEPP Johnny of "Pirates of the Caribbean"
DEPP Pirate captain portrayer Johnny
DEPP Star of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Johnny ----
DEPP Johnny, actor who played JM Barrie in the film Finding Neverland
DEPP "Finding Neverland" actor
DEPP "Finding Neverland" star
DEPP Johnny whose "Alice in Wonderland" sequel comes out in May
DEPP Captain Sparrow portrayer Johnny
DEPP Johnny of "Chocolat"
DEPP He played Dillinger in "Public Enemies" (2009)
DEPP Actor Johnny who has starred in eight movies directed by Tim Burton
DEPP "Ed Wood" star Johnny
DEPP Actor Johnny who plays the Big Bad Wolf in "Into the Woods"
DEPP Wonka portrayer
DEPP "Ed Wood" title role player
DEPP "Pirates of the Caribbean" star Johnny
DEPP Star of 2015's "Black Mass"
DEPP "Edward Scissorhands" actor
DEPP Johnny ... stars as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Piratesofthe Caribbean film series
DEPP Johnny of "Alice in Wonderland"
DEPP People's Sexiest Man Alive ... twice
DEPP Highest-paid actor, per 2012 Guinness
DEPP Actor Johnny of the upcoming "Murder on the Orient Express"
DEPP Actor whose breakout role was on TV's "21 Jump Street"
DEPP Actor Johnny of "Lost in La Mancha"
DEPP Future star debuting in "A Nightmare on Elm Street"
DEPP Johnny of "The Tourist"
DEPP Stage-door Johnny?
DEPP "Sleepy Hollow" actor Johnny
DEPP Actor Johnny of "Edward Scissorhands"
DEPP Johnny from "Rango"
DEPP Captain Sparrow in four films
DEPP "Secret Window" star Johnny
DEPP "Alice Through the Looking Glass" star Johnny
DEPP Actor Johnny ___
DEPP "A Nightmare on Elm Street" actor

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