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DEPT Pop singer Tori
DEPT Sears section: Abbr.
DEPT Any of 15 in the cabinet: Abbr.
DEPT Div. of a business
DEPT Grocery store section, for short
DEPT Supermarket's 'Bakery', e.g.
DEPT Co. subdivision
DEPT Cabinet memb.'s domain
DEPT Governmental division: Abbr.
DEPT Subdivision (Abbr.)
DEPT Accounting or sales, e.g. (Abbr.)
DEPT Section, briefly
DEPT Executive Branch div.
DEPT Agric. or H.H.S., e.g.
DEPT Part of D.O.E.: Abbr.
DEPT "___ of Nat. Defence"
DEPT Men's or Women's, e.g.: Abbr.
DEPT What the "D" stands for in "NYPD": Abbr.
DEPT Company division: Abbr.
DEPT ___ of National Defence (Forces org.)
DEPT Justice, for one: Abbr.
DEPT Place to board a bus or train
DEPT Part of U.S.D.A.: Abbr.
DEPT Type of store (Abbr.)
DEPT "Fire" follower (Abbr.)
DEPT HUD, for one (abbr.)
DEPT 'Menswear' or 'Shoes' in a clothing store, for short
DEPT U.S. Govt. subgroup
DEPT Accounting, e.g.: Abbr.
DEPT Part of LAPD (Abbr.)
DEPT HUD, for one: Abbr.
DEPT Labor or Justice, e.g. (Abbr.)
DEPT ___of Educ.
DEPT Part of D.o.J.: Abbr.
DEPT Fire or police bldg.
DEPT Macy's div., e.g.
DEPT Univ. division
DEPT ___of Sanitation
DEPT Part of NYPD: Abbr.
DEPT Gov. division
DEPT Agriculture or Energy: Abbr.
DEPT Corp. division
DEPT Branch of government (Abbr.)
DEPT Commerce, e.g.: Abbr.
DEPT Cabinet div.
DEPT Type of store, briefly
DEPT Company division (abbr.)
DEPT Office div.
DEBT Obligation of first appearance leaving university
DEBT Misfortune
DEBT Money destroys it
DEBT National U.S. problem
DEBT Pledge
DEBT It might be rescheduled
DEBT What may grow with interest
DEBT Not early payment
DEBT Bill"s in bed ___ rising temperature
DEBT Responsibility
DEBT Foundation raised on embezzlement ultimately a liability
DEBT Obligation to the company store
DEBT Nuisance
DEBT It's not good when it's outstanding
DEBT Money
DEBT Damage
DEBT Reason for an I.O.U.
DEBT Around 6 trillion bucks, for the U.S.
DEBT Student loans, for instance
DEBT Repayable loan
DEBT Fiscal concern
DEBT Payment
DEBT Baggage
DEBT "Net assets" deduction
DEBT Satchel
DEBT It's owed for daughter's strange bet
DEBT The Red
DEBT Pound of flesh, e.g.
DEBT Balance
DEBT It needs to be paid off
DEBT Hindrance
DEBT Hindrance
DEBT Something outstanding one doesn't want to be in?
DEBT Tally
DEBT You'll find people who are outstanding in this
DEBT You may get into it while shopping
DEBT Account payable
DEBT Invoice
DEBT Burden
DEBT Some are up to their ears in this
DEBT Balance-sheet item
DEBT Commitment
DEBT Corporate problem
DEBT Red state?
DEBT Expense

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