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CI No. of Disney dalmatians, to Caesar
CI Cote d'Ivoire
CI Continuous integration, abbr.
CH Church
CH Singing group (abbr)
CH Clergyman attached to an institution (abbr)
CM A metric unit of length equal to one hundredth of a meter.
CM Initials for MSNBC's Matthews
CM Length measure
CM What is 900 in Roman numerals?
CM Cubic centimeter
CM Centimeter
CO "Here Come the ___eds"; Abbott & Costello movie
CO Biz abbr.
CO Cobalt symbol
CO A heavy odorless colorless gas formed during respiration and by the decomposition of organic substan
CO Biz letterhead abbr.
CO Boss
CO Company
CO Last homegrown Australian Open tennis women's singles champion, initials
CO Biz abbr.
CD AB followers
CD Digital music disc
CD Music storage medium
CD Music lover's disc
CD Candle
CD Roman Catholic Bishops add these initials after their names
CD What a DJ might play
CD Certificate of deposit
CD Government insured debt instrument
CD Government insured debt instrument
CD Cassette tape's replacement
CD Compact Disc
CS Initials for Ramon and Emilio Estevez's brother
CS Computer science
CS Initials for Martin Sheen's youngest son
CS Initials legendary racehorse trainer Hayes
CS Caesium (symbol)
CV 105, in old Rome
CV The story of one's life
CV Resume
CU The symbol for copper
CE The most abundant of the rare- earth group
CE In the year of our lord
CE Anno domini
CE Anno domini
CE Common era, abbr.
CE Initials for Eastwood
CA Setting for "The O.C.": abbr.
CA Air cooling
CA You can dig it
CA Air conditioning
CA Setting for "Dharma & Greg": abbr.
CA A white metallic element that burns with a brilliant light.
CA Neighbor of OR and NV
CA Initials for Dickens or Darwin
CA Central Africa
CA Neighbor of Nev.
CA The dreaded cancer
CA Climate control
CA An accounting professional, abbr.
CA Cancer, a dreaded illness
CT Its capital Hartford (abbr)
CT Meg Ryan's state of birth: abbr.
CT Count
CT ___ scan; diagnostic image
CR One owed money (abbr)
CR Deferred payment (abbr)
CR (chem) the element chromium
CR Actress Chanda Romero; Inisyal
CR Deem her cement different from a liqueur
CR Initials for actor Reeve
CR Elected representative (abbr)
CG Marine rescue organisation (abbr)
CC Complaint
CC Closed Circuit
CC Send a copy of an email to someone
CC Grumbling
CC Cubic centimeter
CC Lauren Lane played this character in The Nanny (-- Babcock)
CN Abbr. for element copernicium
CN Initials for the star of "Walker, Texas Ranger"
CN "Rights of Man" author
CN Customer's memo (abbr)
CN Cubic centimeter
CP Command post
CP "Anything Goes" author's initials
CP Sushi bar soup
CP Measure of luminosity (abbr)
CY Famed pitcher ___ Young
CY Twelvemonth period
CY Baseball great Young
CJ Allison Janney played this West Wing character (-.-. Cregg)
CJ Alison Janney played this West Wing character Cregg
CJ Allison Janney played this character in The West Wing (-- Cregg)
CB Truck driver's radio
CB Citizens band
CB Cornerback, abbr.
CB ___ radio; trucker's communication device

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