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BAAS Calls to a shepherd
BAAS Ovine cries
BAAS Ovine sounds
BAAS Bighorn bleats
BAAS Cote sounds
BAAS Cote chorus
BAAS Bleating sounds
BAAS Acts sheepish?
BAAS Sheepish sounds
BAAS Sounds like 1A part of 2, 5, 12, 21, 26 or 27 ___ or a car backfiring?
BAAS Calls from the flock
BAAS Sounds from sheep
BAAS Ewe yelps
BAAS Bleats
BAAS Sounds from the meadow
BAAS Sounds from the meadow
BAAS Romney sounds
BAAS Lambs' laments
BAAS Cote bleats
BAAS Barnyard calls
BAAS What shearers hear
BAAS Petting zoo noises
BAAS Sheep's bleats
BAAS South African term for `boss'.
BAAS Ewes' calls
BAAS They're heard in herds
BAAS Ewe utterances
BAAS Slant
BAAS Cries from the fold
BAAS Ewe-logies?
BAAS They're heard in a herd
BAAS "The Whiffenpoof Song" sound effects
BAAS Barnyard noises
BAAS Dolly's hollers
BAAS Sheep sounds
BAAS Sheep sounds
BAAS Meadow sounds
BAAS "The Whiffenpoof Song" words
BAAS Farmyard sounds
BAAS Herd noise
BAAS Sounds in "Old MacDonald Had a Farm"
BAAS Calls from a 27-Down
BAAS Sheep calls
BAAS Sounds sheepish?
BAAS Pasture sounds
BAAS Devious wolves' cries
BAAS Flock noises
BAAS Meadow comments
BAAS Lea sounds
BAAS Sounds heard by fleecers
BAAS 21-Across sounds
BAAS Bighorn sounds
BAAS Sheep noises
BAAS The unsilence of lambs?
BAAS Calls to Mary?
BAAS Sounds at shearings
BAAS Peeps heard by Bo Peep
BAAS Ovine utterances
BAAS Utters, like a sheep
BAAS Cries from the sheepfold
BAAS Sheepish remarks
BAAS Lambs' bleats
BAAS Sheep sounds
BAAS Cote cries
BAAS Comments from sheep
BAAS Flock calls
BAAS Bleats
BAAS Cote calls
BAAS Lamb's laments
BAAS Sounds from the meadow
BAAS Field sounds
BAAS Flock outbursts
BAAS Rams' bleats
BAAS Sheep's bleats
BAAS Sheep farm sounds
BAAS Sheep comments
BABE The little pig that wanted to be a sheep dog
BABE Movie with a sequel subtitled "Pig in the City"
BABE *"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way"
BABE Not adolescent
BABE Plucky movie pig
BABE Female
BABE Term of endearment similar to "hon"
BABE Baby or infant / a naive, gullible or helpless person
BABE Youngster
BABE Film adaptation of Dick King-Smith's novel for children The Sheep-Pig
BABE G.H. Ruth's epithet
BABE Very young child (often found in arms)
BABE Aunt ___, she put a curse on the Queen Vic in Eastenders
BABE Pig on the silver screen
BABE 1995 pig movie
BABE Piggish film star?
BABE - Ruth, famous US baseball player
BABE Amateur
BABE The 'Pig in the City'
BABE Infant oddly seen in brambles
BABE Big blue ox
BABE First name of a legend in women's golf
BABE Immortal diamond nickname

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