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OVA Certain ornaments in architecture
OVA Eggs of no value
OVA Latin for 'eggs'
OVA Russian name ending
OVA "Virent ___! Viret Perna!!" (Latin version of "Green Eggs and Ham")
OVA Caesar's morning meal?
OVA Eggs, to a scientist
OVA Caesar's salad ingredients?
OVA Upset half wading bird's eggs
OVA The contents of the nest will be superfluous, we hear
OVA Reproductive cells held in approval
OVA Spawn
OVA Ones going down the tubes?
OVA Seeds, scientifically
OVA Eggs, biologically
OVA Zoologist's eggs
OVA Targets of "fertilizers"?
OVA Biochemists study them
OVA Eggs, to a biologist
OVA Eventual aves
OVA Eggs, but not quite oval
OVA Some things in vitro, maybe
OVA Cricket ground doesn't finish eggs
OVA The eggs are finished, by the sound of it
OVA Early stages
OVA Early stages
OVA Eggs, to Agrippa
OVA Ingredients in a Caesar salad, to Caesar?
OVA These female reproductive cells are the largest cells in the human body
OVA The female reproductive cells of mammals
OVA Dizygosity twosome
OVA Egg-shaped ornaments
OVA Blastoderm sites
OVA Eggs, to Pliny
OVA Breakfast for Nero?
OVA Eggs finished, they say
OVA Brutus's breakfast choice?
OVA Fertilization sites
OVA Cells with ooplasm
OVA They're laid by aves
OVA They form by oogenesis
OVA Ingredients in Caesar's salad?
OVA Eggs ___ (redundant diner order)
OVA Beginnings
OVA Navratilova's finale
OVA Roman's roe
OVA Some specialized cells
OVA Future members of the species
OVA Future
OVA ___ lightly (egg order)
OVA Lightly touch painful back
OVA Eggs in Roman times
OVA Romans' roe
OVA Roe, to Romans
OVA The eggs are surplus to requirements, so to speak
OVA Germs
OVA Eggs, formally
OVA Eggs, to Caligula
OVA Ovid's breakfast?
OVA Omelette ingredients for Julius
OVA How the Kennedys have always liked their eggs?
OVA Eggs, in the lab
OVA Halves of zygotes
OVA Ellipse
OVA Seeds in a lab
OVA Eggs
OVA Eggs found in a part of Slovakia
OVA Seeds
OVA Eggs, to Livy
OVA Eggs that may be frozen
OVA Follicles have them
OVA Oogenesis output
OVA Egg cells
OVA Eggs, in bio labs
OVA In vitro cells
OVA Maturation formations
OVA See article on duck eggs
OVA Some duct contents
OVA Some
OVA Eggs, fancily
OVA A five-nil reverse that may be scrambled
OVA Zygote precursors
OVA Future chicks
OVA Eggs served up in Savoie
OVA Eggs, fancy-style
OVA Potential life sources spelling the end for many Russians
OVA An ending for many Russian women in cells
OVA Plural of ovum
OVA Genetic lab supplies
OVA Removal includes eggs
OVA A number returning with duck eggs
OVA Eggs in two vats
OVA Eggs in biology class
OVA How Bostonians like their eggs?
OVA Roman caviar
OVA Genetic lab materials
OVA What the birds produce is extra, we hear
OVA Eggs for an old Roman senator
OVA Sites of many divisions

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