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EVE Who said "The serpent deceived me, and I ate"
EVE She raised a little Cain
EVE Kaitlyn Dever is _ Baxter in Last Man Standing.
EVE "Life" in Hebrew
EVE Name from Hebrew for "life"
EVE Pierre and Marie Curie's daughter
EVE "Assassination on X-mas ___" Archers of Loaf
EVE Woman who raised Cain
EVE Joanne Woodward played a young woman with multiple personalities in The Three Faces Of ...
EVE ... woman of the Seventies
EVE Biblical name first mentioned in Genesis 3:20
EVE ___ Morey, actress who plays Neighbours' Sonya Rebecchi
EVE Girl's name
EVE Girl's name
EVE Her name means life
EVE "All About ___" (Bette Davis movie)
EVE "The Lady ___" (Henry Fonda film)
EVE Adam's rib, so to speak
EVE On the verge of locking up First Lady?
EVE A daughter of whom was a fool to sleep at noon, according to Christina Rossetti?
EVE Lead-in to a big day
EVE She was very original
EVE Raiser of Cain
EVE Wife of Adam, mother of the human race
EVE Adam's other half
EVE The first to hear "Madam, I'm Adam"
EVE Response to "Madam, I'm Adam" that is itself a palindrome
EVE "For Adam was first formed, then ___" (1 Timothy 2:13)
EVE ___ Myles, Victoria actress
EVE Forerunner in a race?
EVE She went along 6th, 2d and 3d Avenues
EVE Election ___ (night before voting)
EVE Apple of 12-Down's eye?
EVE Early bird in the garden
EVE Cain raiser?
EVE a woman the night before
EVE The first man"s wife the night before
EVE She's unaffected by reversals
EVE Trevor ___, DS Peter Boyd in Waking the Dead
EVE The "madam" in "Madam, I'm Adam"
EVE She takes a rest on the mountain
EVE Actress Alice ___
EVE "Here I Am" rapper
EVE Woman's name meaning "life"
EVE Her name means "life" in Hebrew
EVE "Scorpion" woman
EVE "Scorpion" rapper
EVE One-named rapper with a self-titled sitcom
EVE Rapper/actress who's a cohost on "The Talk"
EVE "Gangsta Lovin'" rapper
EVE Girl, placid, not going all the way?
EVE Alice ___, actress daughter of actor Trevor
EVE A snake charmed her
EVE Motherless woman
EVE She comes up to 24 hours before the day
EVE She comes up to 24 hours before the day
EVE First wife
EVE Alice ___, Sharon Maughan's actress daughter
EVE She tasted the forbidden fruit
EVE Verge
EVE The first wife just before the great day
EVE Sunset
EVE Sunset
EVE Egg-shaped robot in "WALL-E"
EVE The first mate is always cut short
EVE "Then one foggy Christmas ..., Santa came to say; 'Rudolph with your nose so bright; Won't you guide my sleigh tonight?'"
EVE New Year's ___ (celebration with a countdown)
EVE 25-Down resident, for a time
EVE Nighttime
EVE Gift wrapping time, for some
EVE The first man's wife the night before
EVE "Horrorscope" rock group ___ 6
EVE Day prior to an event
EVE Mother to Cain and Abel
EVE A movie was all about her
EVE Barry McGuire's 1965 anti-establishment anthem, ... Of Destruction
EVE The evening or day before some special event
EVE Wall-E's love in "Wall-E"
EVE Fruit eater in Genesis
EVE Previous
EVE Mother of Seth
EVE Adam's apple provider
EVE A memorable Arden
EVE Forbidden fruit partaker
EVE Holiday's yesterday
EVE Twilight
EVE Twilight
EVE Threshold
EVE Certain threshold
EVE "Three-faced" Joanne Woodward role
EVE Massenet oratorio set in the Garden of Eden
EVE Anne in a Bette Davis film
EVE Something of an achievement just before the festival
EVE Actress who played Jan in TV series TheBradyBunch, ... Plumb
EVE Iconic Anne Baxter role
EVE Twilight zone, briefly?
EVE Waking the Dead's Trevor ___
EVE The day before the big day
EVE The Lady ___ (Henry Fonda classic)
EVE Has she had her day?

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