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IT Real
IT Pronoun / a term of reference to something indefinite but understood as the state of affairs
IT Sex appeal (colloq)
IT Ne plus ultra (inf)
IT You can't get any better than this movie
IT Charm
IT "A River Runs Through ___"; 1992 Brad Pitt film
IT Genuine
IT Comedy about computer nerds (The -- Crowd)
IT Have an "S", take a load off
IT Pronoun
IT Pronoun / substitute for a vague subject
IT "How to Make ___ in America" (2010-11) Solution on page 2
IT Magnetic personal charm
IT Word in the title of Jerry Mathers' classic series
IT "Clarissa Explains ___ All"
IT With ___; alert
IT Horror film based on Stephen King book
IT Pronoun / thing previously mentioned or under consideration
IT People you call when computer crashes
IT 2017 horror film based on a Stephen King novel
IT 'Some Like - Hot'
IT "Minute to Win ___"
IT Sex appeal
IT Neutral pronoun
IT "Whose Line Is ___ Anyway?"
IT Charisma
IT Tagged player
IT Player, in tag
IT Item talked about
IT Very popular person
IT Computer Department
OT Initials for Charles Dickens' orphan boy
OT Preposition
OT Initials for Charles Ingalls' portrayer
OT Result of an NHL tie
OT Working extra hours
OT Hollywood superagent in Doonesbury
GT Large in quantity (abbr)
GT Gross ton
MT Mountain
MT A unit of weight equivalent to 1000 kilograms.
MT Meitnerium
MT Montana (abbr.)
CT Its capital Hartford (abbr)
CT Meg Ryan's state of birth: abbr.
CT Count
CT ___ scan; diagnostic image
AT Occupy a point in space
AT Word symbolized by an asperand
AT Preposition
AT Common to feline and rug
AT Expression
AT A preposition
AT Pronoun
AT Along
AT In contact
AT ___ bat; ready to swing
AT Musical note
AT Musical note
AT Atomic number 85
AT "Night ___ Museum"; 2006 Ben Stiller movie
AT Chez, en anglais
AT Two turntables and a microphone is where it's ___
AT What @ means
AT Near
AT "Miracle ___ St. Anna"; 2008 film for Derek Luke
AT "Pirates of the Caribbean: ___ World's End"
AT "Death ___ a Funeral"; 2010 Chris Rock film
AT In that place
AT ___ least; minimally
AT "It Comes ___ Night"; 2017 Joel Edgerton horror movie
AT Pet skips the sea
AT A highly unstable radioactive element (the heaviest of the halogen series)
AT At ____!
HT Distance above ground (abbr)
HT Measurement from base to top (abbr)
HT Distance from top to bottom (abbr)
LT Turkish lira (abbr.)
LT Giant's Hall of Fame Linebacker
LT Columbo, for one: abbr.
LT Famed NY Giant's nickname
LT Lithuania's Internet code
PT Sanctimonious talk
PT A heavy precious metallic element.
PT Exercise class, abbreviation
PT Half a qt.
PT Pub order (inf) (abbr)
PT Qt. fraction
UT 2002 Olympic state
UT Roseanne's state of birth: abbr.
UT A state in the USA
UT Beehive state, abbr.
UT Salt Lake City its capital (abbr)
UT Utah (abbr.)
UT (L) As
UT Donny Osmond's birthplace: abbr.
UT Western state

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