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ALI Successor to the Prophet, in Islam
ALI "___, _ need to talk to you." ...said the agent to Mr. Pacino
ALI First fighter to KO Liston
ALI CNN correspondent Velshi
ALI Oscar-nominated role for Will Smith
ALI Biopic of 2001
ALI 2001 Will Smith biopic
ALI Victor in Zaire: 1974
ALI Receiver of "Fighter of the Century" award
ALI He fought Foreman
ALI First name of a hero in an Arabian Night's Tale
ALI Hyder ___ (former Indian ruler)
ALI "Prince ___" (song performed by Robin Williams in "Aladdin")
ALI Boxer played by Will Smith in a 2001 biopic
ALI 2005 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient
ALI Dales woman who works as the factory supervisor at Sharma & Sharma
ALI 1996 Olympics flame lighter
ALI 1996 Olympic cauldron lighter
ALI 1996 Olympic torch lighter
ALI Arabic name meaning "high"
ALI Rope-a-dope boxer of the seventies
ALI Sacha Baron Cohen persona ___ G
ALI Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Staines Massiv' leader, ... G
ALI ___ G, Sacha Baron Cohen character
ALI Alter ego of Sacha Baron Cohen (--- G.)
ALI ___ G, satirical character created by Sacha Baron Cohen
ALI Sacha Baron Cohen's "Da __ G Show"
ALI Sacha Baron Cohen alter ego ___ G
ALI Mahershala who won a Golden Globe for Green Book
ALI Name written in italics
ALI 54 or this puzzle's theme
ALI Famed heavyweight
ALI Ex-heavyweight champ
ALI "House of Cards" actor Mahershala ___
ALI Cassious Clay today
ALI Boxing's 3-time heavyweight champ
ALI 2001 biopic for which Will Smith got an Oscar nomination
ALI Rumble in the Jungle champ
ALI Common Arab prename
ALI Arabic prename
ALI Subject of the 2004 autobiography "The Soul of a Butterfly"
ALI Mahershala of "True Detective"
ALI *"Green Book" nominee
ALI Mahershala or Muhammad follower
ALI Velshi of MSNBC
ALI Turkish military governor ___ Pasha
ALI Gabon's president __ Bongo
ALI Actor Mahershala who voices Aaron in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
ALI Converted boxer
ALI Muhammad ___, famous boxer
ALI "Drama in Bahama" boxer
ALI Fictional character created by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen ___ G
ALI Ryan's 'Love Story co-star'
ALI Lovesick actress Larter
ALI Moonlight actor Mahershala
ALI The Greatest boxer Muhammad ___
ALI Muhammad with 37, 34 Across
ALI ___ Baba and the Forty Thieves
ALI Sounds like a fix for what ails you
ALI Clay, after conversion
ALI Even bits of tabloid can be heavyweight
ALI Former boxing champ Laila
ALI Will Smith boxing film
ALI Will Smith's role in a boxer biopic
ALI The greatest in a line?
ALI Moonlight Oscar winner Mahershala ___
ALI Champion in Arabic
ALI MacGraw in movies
ALI The greatest in a line?
ALI Post-1964 Clay
ALI Father/daughter boxing surname
ALI Conscientious slugger
ALI "True Detective" star Mahershala __
ALI "True Detective" star Mahershala ___
ALI Noted ropea-dope practitioner
ALI Green Book actor Mahershala
ALI Born Cassius Clay he later became the sporting legend Muhammad ___.
ALI Legendary boxer who died in 2016
ALI Floating, stinging Muhammad
ALI Ms. MacGraw of "Love Story"
ALI "Da - G Show"
ALI Reporter Yashar __
ALI 3-Down pugilist
ALI Cable news host Velshi
ALI Oft-quoted pugilist
ALI 2001 biopic starring Will Smith in the title role
ALI Will Smith Oscar-nominated role
ALI Left cuts first-rate boxer
ALI Mahershala ___, co-star of 2018's "Green Book"
ALI Late boxing great, Muhammad ...
ALI "I beat people up" sayer (1977)
ALI Boxer Clay, later
ALI Man from California
ALI Foreman ring rival
ALI Foreman
ALI Boxing's greatest
ALI "Sting like a bee" speaker
ALI Muhammad -, late boxing champion
ALI Kentucky sports legend
ALI "Open, sesame" dude

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