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LOU ___ Bega, with the 1999 hit "Mambo No. 5"
LOU Neighbours man who thought he was turning 70 years of age recently
LOU This Neighbours stalwart recently went to visit his daughter in Cambodia
LOU Bill's "Hulk" co-star
LOU First name of the first half of the comedy team, Abbott and Costello
LOU Immortal Yankee Gehrig
LOU Foreigner's original lead singer Gramm
LOU Cop on "The Simpsons" voiced by Hank Azaria
LOU Rock legend Reed
LOU __ Carpenter, Ramsay Street fella who"s gone to visit daughter Ling Mai Chan in Cambodia
LOU Reed in a music store
LOU Brock of Cooperstown
LOU TV anchor Dobbs
LOU Rocker Reed who was in the Velvet Underground
LOU College Football Hall of Fame coach Holtz
LOU Gehrig who played for the Yankees for 17 seasons
LOU Babe's teammate
LOU Gary's role in "The Pride of the Yankees"
LOU Bud of Bud
LOU Chap's forte being brief
LOU He"s not really a bit of a lout
LOU Gehrig the baseball legend
LOU Grant created for television stations
LOU Brock known for stealing
LOU Guy in bright colours disowned by daughter
LOU Pro wrestler Albano
LOU Eddie's cop partner, on "The Simpsons"
LOU 1980s wrestler Captain ___
LOU Cindy ___ Who (young girl encountered by the Grinch)
LOU No nickname for Satchmo
LOU Bud's partner in "Buck Privates"
LOU Bud's bud of old comedy
LOU Cindy-___ Who (Dr. Seuss character)
LOU Gehrig who played with Ruth
LOU Grant of TV
LOU Nominally a bit of a lout
LOU CNN anchor Dobbs
LOU Apt name for a restroom attendant
LOU Actor Ferrigno THE Daily Commuter Puzzle by Jacqueline E. Mathews FOR RELEASE APRIL 13, 2018
LOU Apt name for a British restroom attendant
LOU Lady ___ (iconic Mae West role)
LOU Holtz of ESPN
LOU Soul man Rawls
LOU Cardinals great ___ Brock
LOU Armstrong, to his friends, perhaps
LOU Pet name for Louis?
LOU Hall-of-Famer ___ "The Toe" Groza
LOU Soulful Rawls
LOU "___ Grant" (spin-off of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show")
LOU Olympic gymnast Mary ___ Retton
LOU Mary's boss on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"
LOU Boss of Mary and Murray
LOU Herbert's First Lady
LOU First Lady ___ Henry Hoover
LOU Brock who stole 938 bases
LOU Teammate of the Babe
LOU With 68-Across, "A Natural Man" Grammy winner
LOU Bud's partner in comedy
LOU Dobbs of Fox Business
LOU "Iron Horse" Gehrig
LOU ___ the Cop (The Simpsons character played by 17 Across)
LOU Bodybuilder Ferrigno who once played the Hulk
LOU Something to skip to, according to the song
LOU Mary Richards' boss
LOU Mary, Murray, and Ted's boss at WJM
LOU WJM-TV's Grant
LOU Dobbs of CNN
LOU TV/radio host Dobbs
LOU Comedy legend Costello
LOU Bud's movie partner
LOU Rickey broke his stolen base record in 1991
LOU Fictional news director Grant
LOU Grant, for one
LOU Bud's sidekick
LOU Common girl's middle name
LOU Reed you can download?
LOU Ramsay Street elder who was joined by daughter Lauren and her family
LOU "Mambo No. 5" man Bega
LOU Herbert Hoover's wife
LOU Baseball's ____ Gehrig
LOU Singer Rawls
LOU Barney Fife's girlfriend, Thelma -
LOU Singer Rawls or Reed
LOU Mary and Ted's boss at WJM
LOU R&B singer Rawls
LOU CNN's Dobbs
LOU Actor Jacobi
LOU Mary ___ Retton (former Olympic gymnast)
LOU "Skip to My___"
LOU Reed with records
LOU Los Angeles Clippers guard Williams
LOU Letters of credit?
LOU Owner of the tavern in 'Fight Club'
LOU Man who asked "Who's on first?"
LOU Bill's Hulk-y stand-in
LOU Rawls or Reed
LOU '60s singer Christie
LOU The Hulk's real first name
LOU Frequently flexing Ferrigno
LOU TV role for Ed

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