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ABE His face is on a five
ABE Vigoda of old TV and movies
ABE Five-dollar bill, in slang
ABE First name in honesty
ABE Real estate magnate Hirschfeld who often wore crossword puzzle ties
ABE One of the brothers of Warner Bros.
ABE Actor Vigoda who died in 2016
ABE Oft-quoted prez
ABE 1860s political nickname
ABE 1860s White House nickname
ABE White House nickname
ABE '60s White House name
ABE President's nickname
ABE White House moniker
ABE "Honest" presidential nickname
ABE Presidential nickname
ABE '60s prez
ABE Golfer Mitchell whose image is on the Ryder Cup
ABE Veteran actor Vigoda
ABE Late actor Vigoda (for real)
ABE "Guys and Dolls" librettist Burrrows
ABE See 43-Down
ABE Basketball's Saperstein
ABE Honest man
ABE Chicago sausage king Froman impersonated by Ferris Bueller
ABE Actor Vigoda who was in "The Godfather"
ABE He can be seen at the western end of the National Mall, informally
ABE A Warner Bros. brother
ABE First name at Gettysburg
ABE Figure on a fiver
ABE Featherweight Attell
ABE 2nd Ave Deli founder Lebewohl
ABE Bart Simpson's grandpa
ABE Bart's animated granddad
ABE Face on a fin
ABE First prez to sport a beard
ABE 94-year-old actor Vigoda who was in a 2010 Snickers commercial
ABE "Silk Stockings" collaborator Burrows
ABE Vigoda of sitcoms
ABE U.S. Civil War prez
ABE 1860s nickname
ABE Costar of Hal, Max, Ron, and Jack on '70s TV
ABE Bearded prez, informally
ABE Gracie Mansion predecessor of Ed, Dave, Rudy, and Mike
ABE Log cabin President
ABE "___ Lincoln in Illinois"
ABE Tad's dad in the White House
ABE Stevie's father in Malcolm in the Middle
ABE Name that's one syllable in English, two syllables in Japanese
ABE Andy's predecessor
ABE Gent on a cent
ABE His bill has 1/20th the value of Ben's
ABE Epitome of honesty
ABE Nickname of the president who gave the Gettysburg Address
ABE Gettysburg Address guy
ABE White House nick of the 1860s
ABE 6-foot-4 pres.
ABE President to the right of Teddy on Mount Rushmore
ABE Nickname of the president on the penny
ABE He's to the right of Teddy on Mount Rushmore
ABE Stripped caber for President
ABE Washington Wizards owner Pollin
ABE Andrew succeeded him
ABE 'Honest' prez
ABE Fortas formerly of the U.S. Supreme Court
ABE Lyman or Lincoln
ABE Be after a familiar name for Lincoln
ABE "How to Succeed in Business..." playwright Burrows
ABE "Fish" star Vigoda
ABE Early 1900's British great ___ Mitchell
ABE Lisa Simpson's paternal grandfather
ABE "The Rail Splitter"
ABE Guy on a five
ABE Shana ___, The Sweetest Dark author
ABE He used to be a president
ABE Lincoln who was president during the Civil War
ABE Gotham mayor Beame
ABE Figure seen on the National Mall, informally
ABE "Honest" man
ABE Caen cleric
ABE Grandfather of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson
ABE Former Japanese P.M. Shinzo ___
ABE Fukuda's predecessor as Japan's P.M.
ABE 1960s Supreme Court justice Fortas
ABE Shinzo ___ (Japan's current Prime Minister)
ABE He's on the penny
ABE Fortas of the Supreme Court
ABE Campbell Todd in Always Greener, ___ Forsythe
ABE Lincoln on an American $5
ABE Extra-long skirt
ABE Homer's father, on "The Simpsons"
ABE Neighbor of Teddy, on Mount Rushmore
ABE Penny's impression
ABE Antique store owner on the ABC show "Forever"
ABE Successor to Koizumi as prime minister of Japan
ABE "Cactus Flower" playwright Burrows
ABE One associated with honesty
ABE Pacific Rim prefix for "nomics"
ABE Bart's granddad
ABE Homer Simpson's father

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