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AR The letter 'R'
AR Similar to VR, it's a fast-growing technology
AR Setting for "Evening Shade"
AR Arrival
AR A colorless and odorless inert gas.
AR Chemical symbol of argon
AR Gas
AR Johnny Cash's state of birth: abbr.
AR One of the six noble gases
AR The symbol for argon
AR Postal abbr.
AR Postal abbr.
AR Adjective-forming suffix
AR (anno regni) 'In the year of the reign'
AR It's between kue and ess
AR A state in northwestern North America.
AR hot springs state (abbr.)
AZ Grand Canyon State
AZ The azimuth of a celestial body is the angle between the vertical plane containing it and the plane
AZ Its capital Phoenix (abbr)
AN Bokhee ___; actress on "Grey's Anatomy"
AN Ammonium nitrate, abbr.
AN Preposition
AN "___ Education"; 2009 Carey Mulligan movie
AN Common conjunction
AN Word in the title of Roma Downey's series
AN Article
AN Word in the title of Roma Downey's drama series
AN Prefix for real or fold
AN ___ Evening in Paris
AN Least-used article
AN One; each
AN 'This is ? outrage!'
AN Definite article
AN Associate in Nursing
AN Used before a vowel
AN "300: Rise of ___ Empire"; 2014 fantasy war film
AN "The Hobbit: ___ Unexpected Journey"; 2012 fantasy film
AN "Touched by ___ Angel"
AN An associate degree in nursing.
AN Article used when a noun starts with a vowel
AJ ___ Michalka; actress on "The Goldbergs"
AL "Married ... With Children" role
AL Role on "Home Improvement"
AL Abbreviation of a man's name
AL (chem) the element aluminum
AL As well as
AL ___ Gore released a sequel on climate change
AL Egyptian dancing girl
AL Atomic number 13
AL Married With Children's ___ Bundy
AL A politician, rancher, and founding member of the Calgary Stampede, ___ Cross
AL Omar ..-......, president of Sudan
AL Patriarch played by Ed O'Neill (-- Bundy)
AL Its capital Tirana (abbr)
AL A silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite.
AL Ed O'Neill's character star (-- Bundy)
AL Ed O'Neill's character in Married with Children (-- Bundy)
AL Role on "Married ... With Children"
AL Still in play
AL Roker or Yankovic
AL American League, abbr.
AL Hirt or Gore
AL Pacino of 'Serpico'
AL What is the chemical symbol for aluminium?
AL In total, Ibiza has an excuse
AL Arbour or MacInnis
AL Pacino of "Serpico"
AL Pacino of “The Irishman”
AL Pacino of “Serpico”
BA Initials for a star on "The Golden Girls"
BA British for "Thank You"
BA In Egyptian mythology, the soul symbolized by a bird with a human head
BA The soul in ancient Egyptian religion
BA Four-yr. degree
BA Undergraduate degree
BA Egyptian mythical soul symbolized by a bird with a human head
BA Baby's first word
BA Degree
BA Bachelor of Arts
BA Initials for the star of "Maude"
BA Egyptian myth: the soul represented as a human headed bird
BA Undergrad deg.
BA Bachelor's degree
DO Develop
DO Take on
DO Slay
DO Make out
DO Look after
DO Translate
DO Imitate
DO Achievement
DO Accomplishment
DO Undertaking
DO Stage
DO Responsibility
DO Reception

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