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YETI Hairy Himalayan humanoid
YETI Hairy humanoid of legend
YETI Giant mythical creature from the Himalayas
YETI To this point one is only an imaginary beast
YETI Nepalese terrorist
YETI Literally, Tibetan for "bear from a rocky place"
YETI A Himalayan legend: the old recalled it
YETI Mythical beast that's part of the Expedition Everest ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom
YETI Object of scientific dispute
YETI Object of scientific dispute
YETI Supposed source of large footprints
YETI Footprints in the snow continue to keep this Himalayan legend alive
YETI Mythical creature may type this out every so often
YETI Mythical beast of the east
YETI Creature that's doubtful, nevertheless one can be seen
YETI Still I must follow a creature in the snow!
YETI Hairy man-like creature
YETI Snowy beastie
YETI A hoax sighting
YETI Legendary creature one follows still
YETI Legendary Himalayan resident still going to India's capital
YETI Even the setter's a hirsute specimen
YETI Still a newspaper that you might find in mountains
YETI Still single? This creature is!
YETI Still one said to live in the Himalayas
YETI However I tell you, it can only be tracked on foot if it exists
YETI Creature a.k.a. "Meh-teh" and "Migoi"
YETI Sight on Disneyland's Matterhorn Bobsleds ride
YETI Tibetan mythical creature
YETI So far, one presumably has big shoes to fill
YETI Himalayan scourge
YETI Mountain monster, maybe mythological
YETI However, one is a legendary monster
YETI Yesterday evening, three idiots just started something abominable
YETI Mountain dweller of legend
YETI The best-known humanoid in cryptozoology
YETI Until now I have been a Himalayan enigma
YETI Subject of a onetime Nepali hunting license [true fact!]
YETI Asian threat
YETI Still one legendary character in the mountains
YETI Legendary humanoid
YETI Wild man of the Himalayas
YETI Legendary Highlander: one's got so far ahead
YETI Seven-foot (or so) cryptid
YETI Figure that's unbelievable?
YETI Unlikely Lho-tse sighting
YETI Another term for abominable snowman
YETI Hirsute mystery man
YETI Still one whose existence is unconfirmed
YETI Anthropoid cryptid
YETI The old thing climbing in the Himalayas?
YETI I finally sent the whisky back - it's abominable on the rocks
YETI Hairy brute gets even with crossword setter
YETI Legend seen in the Himalayas, yet I think it could be true!
YETI There's still one thing 12 might find in Nepal?
YETI Still one that is found in Himalayan mythology
YETI Eastern creature sought in episodes of "Finding Bigfoot"
YETI Even I can make a snowman
YETI It's never been seen; still I follow it
YETI Still I like making a snowman
YETI It's never been found by certain odd ones out
YETI Himalayan creature also known as the Abominable Snowman
YETI "__ do fear thy nature": Lady Macbeth
YETI Supposed sighting in Tibet
YETI Hairy recluse, still current
YETI Thus far I still haven't been found in the snow
YETI So far, one is subject of myth
YETI Mythical monster
YETI It ran back after the old mythical creature
YETI Mythical mountain "man"
YETI Mythological creature still on island
YETI Hairy creature still to secure independence
YETI It's abominable being constrained by silly etiquette
YETI John Ratzenberger voiced one in "Monsters, Inc."
YETI Mythical giant Himalayan creature
YETI Frosty's Tibetan cousin?
YETI In the city it expires: in the country it's a yellowhammer
YETI Elusive creature
YETI Abominable mountaineer
YETI Cryptozoologist's quarry
YETI So far to meet one legendary creature
YETI Tibetan thing
YETI Mystery creature that Nepali finally reveals
YETI 'It's over behind you!' old Sherpa shouts?
YETI Some eye Tibet when looking for this creature
YETI Abominable Snowman
YETI Bigfoot's cousin
YETI Ponytail simulated tie on snowman
YETI Humanoid cryptid
YETI Tibet's abominable snowman
YETI He's a hairy Himalayan
YETI Hairy legend of the Himalayas
YETI Hairy humanoid oddly ignoring my meat pie
YETI Korky The Cat, ultimately one fictional creature
YETI Sasquatch's Asian cousin
YETI Creature said to inhabit the Himalayas
YETI 'It's coming up behind you!' yells Sherpa?
YETI Nepal's ___ Airlines
YETI Himalayan recluse
YETI Beast in rare "sightings"

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