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YES "___, ma'am"
YES "It's O.K. with me"
YES "You said it!"
YES "___ on Prop ..." (campaign sign)
YES Band that had a #1 hit with "Owner of a Lonely Heart"
YES 'But of course!'
YES "But of course!"
YES Band at the forefront of prog rock
YES "And she answered and said unto him, ___" (Mark 7:28)
YES "You got it!"
YES Hoped-for response to "Do you love me?"
YES "Twenty Questions" answer
YES Reply equivalent to a nod
YES Definitely the first third of Beatles song
YES Band Steve Howe made a splash with
YES Band whose members included Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, and Howe
YES Jim Carrey comedy film ___ Man
YES "You had something to say?"
YES Progressive rock band
YES Band that released the 1972 album "Fragile"
YES Jubilant cry
YES No alternative?
YES "___ Sir! That's My Baby" (hit song of 1925)
YES Response from a rubber stamp
YES "Just what I was hoping for!"
YES SEN may disagree with a creep
YES "Let's do it!"
YES Word cried 15 times in a row by Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally ..."
YES Proposal response, often
YES Aye-aye
YES What Mick Carter"s answer was when Linda proposed in EastEnders!
YES Affirmative vote
YES "Yea"
YES Thumbs-up vote
YES Positive response
YES You and Bob make a positive statement
YES Agreeable reply
YES Positive response to the proposer!
YES Indeed
YES "That's affirmative"
YES Word of agreement
YES That"s right, six months at Strangeways, initially!
YES Word of assent
YES Affirmative answer
YES An affirmative answer
YES Pro vote
YES Exclamation of affirmation
YES Exclamation of affirmation
YES Terms of Tommy Lee Jones's agreement
YES Expression of agreement
YES Expression of agreement
YES Shortest answer from a Magic 8 Ball
YES Obedient
YES Obedient
YES Assent
YES Consent
YES You succeeded, getting agreement in a word
YES 100 smackers
YES 100 smackers
YES Compliant
YES If your mum offers you an ice cream and you would like one, you say, "..., please!"
YES "You are so right!"
YES Start off from seer's approval
YES Sure enough!
YES The House of ___ (Parker Posey movie)
YES Sir or ma'am preceder
YES Certainly squeals when recording is taken away
YES "I made the putt! Awesome!"
YES Intro to sir or ma'am
YES Response to "Can I get you more turkey?"
YES Hawaiian tuna
YES What you probably say if someone asks you if you would like some cake (the opposite of no)
YES Band with the hit album "Close to the Edge"
YES Parenting sitcom ___, Dear
YES "The People, ___" (Carl Sandburg work)
YES Cry made with a fist-pump
YES The old skinhead made no denial!
YES Exclamation of elation
YES One for you experienced solvers (just the top ones)
YES Meg Ryan's repeated shout in a famous "When Harry Met Sally..." scene
YES "Count me in!"
YES "Count on it"
YES "Getting to ___" (classic book on conflict resolution)
YES Positive LMFAO song?
YES "Owner of a Lonely Heart" rock band
YES "Changes" rock group
YES 'Close to the Edge' band
YES Part of a schoolboy essay that's correct
YES 'It sure is'
YES Most of those in 29 across could be positive
YES Hoped-for answer to a certain proposal
YES "Twenty Questions" response
YES What the Russian word "da" means
YES "You bet your boots!"
YES "Darn tootin;!"
YES With 61-Across, 'Yer darn tootin'!'

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