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YEOMAN British farmer
YEOMAN Beefeater you used to be seen with, old man
YEOMAN It's my one and a change of Petty Officer is called for
YEOMAN Historically, a landed freeholder
YEOMAN Gilbert & Sullivan title character
YEOMAN Title figure in a Gilbert and Sullivan opera
YEOMAN A petty officer in the US Navy
YEOMAN Petty officer
YEOMAN Sounds like greeting to American chap with petty officer
YEOMAN One doing good service to solvers at sultanate
YEOMAN The old country farmer with his own land
YEOMAN Knock the socks off
YEOMAN Administrative worker on a ship
YEOMAN Officer in the (ceremonial) bodyguard of the British monarch.
YEOMAN Old landholder; member of The Guard
YEOMAN Beefeater was this Tower warden's nickname
YEOMAN Petty officer in the Navy
YEOMAN "Star Trek" extra
YEOMAN A Beefeater; a ...... of the Guard
YEOMAN Warder of the Tower of London
YEOMAN Farmer and a second turning up to invest in foreign currency
YEOMAN Royal's attendant
YEOMAN Old royal attendant
YEOMAN Freeholding farmer of old England
YEOMAN Petty officer on warship one may take out
YEOMAN Sultanate getting behind the old guard
YEOMAN Freeholder, one May, in chaos
YEOMAN British bodyguard
YEOMAN Beefeater, for one
YEOMAN Money problems over a guy fighting on ship
YEOMAN Former royal servant of the old Arab sultanate
YEOMAN Small farmer in the old country
YEOMAN Navy enlistee
YEOMAN Toady' s love for southern freeholder
YEOMAN Petty officer in RAN
YEOMAN Royal servant longing to consume duck with mother
YEOMAN One may, questionably, seek old farmer
YEOMAN Kind of service
YEOMAN Kind of service
YEOMAN One of the Queen's Body Guard, nicknamed 'Beefeater': ...... of the Guard
YEOMAN G. & S. character
YEOMAN Smallholder from the old country?
YEOMAN One may become a farmer
YEOMAN Freeholder in the old country
YEOMAN A money changer, who had a farm
YEOMAN Old farmer having answer in money trouble?
YEOMAN U.S.N. clerk
YEOMAN Farming freeholder of old
YEOMAN Naval petty officer
YEOMAN Beefeater, e.g.
YEOMAN Navy clerk
YEOMAN Naval clerk
YEOMAN ____ of the guard
YEOMAN Extra on "Star Trek"
YEOMAN Buckingham Palace attendant

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