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WEREWOLF Hairy man-monster
WEREWOLF Creature from "The Howling"
WEREWOLF We raised a bloom, a monster
WEREWOLF Looking back, Liffey, for one, goes from east to west and takes a turn when there's a full moon
WEREWOLF People like us grow up being transformable
WEREWOLF We plant from right to left - a howler!
WEREWOLF Hairy role? (this one's hidden backwards)
WEREWOLF Movie monster who changes when there's a full moon
WEREWOLF "___ of London" (1935 film)
WEREWOLF Almost soaked getting up-river, one's disturbingly transformed
WEREWOLF Mythical shape-changing creature thought to be vulnerable to silver bullets
WEREWOLF Mythical being
WEREWOLF Reduced watts before reversing current in transformer
WEREWOLF Digs up flower in the middle of weeds - the point being, it's likely to turn into a monster on occasion
WEREWOLF "An American ___ in London" (1981 movie)
WEREWOLF Creature that changes appearance at full moon
WEREWOLF Person beleived to be able to assume lupine form
WEREWOLF It's not always a beast
WEREWOLF Speaking as king, I recalled Rose, say, as one bewitched
WEREWOLF Mythical monster
WEREWOLF The pair of us rose, perhaps, retreating from this lupine menace
WEREWOLF Scarily unpredictable type used to be a composer
WEREWOLF Person who becomes a monster when the moon is full
WEREWOLF Horror film creature, maybe
WEREWOLF We are shortly getting a pack animal of legendary reputation
WEREWOLF Human who turns lupine at the full moon
WEREWOLF Full-moon monster
WEREWOLF Our group recalled the best horror movie participant
WEREWOLF Lycanthrope, shape changer
WEREWOLF Taking day off, Flowerdew repelled hairy monster
WEREWOLF One who shifts shape from human to fierce animal
WEREWOLF When, oddly, growth returns, it"s weird and hairy
WEREWOLF Man-beast howling at the moon
WEREWOLF Chaney portrayal
WEREWOLF Were fowl mutilated by fictional creature?
WEREWOLF Wife was blooming nearly getting over man going wild occasionally
WEREWOLF Fantastic being with us on westbound jet
WEREWOLF "I Was a Teenage ___"; 1957 Michael Landon film
WEREWOLF Boatman majestically on rising river: it's affected by the full moon
WEREWOLF Lycanthrope
WEREWOLF Tips of white flower about to become something much darker?
WEREWOLF Horror film character

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