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WELT Soak has imbibed litres of punch
WELT Result of a whipping
WELT Evidence of a whipping
WELT Injury
WELT Raised seam or skin mark
WELT It runs along the outsole edge
WELT Flogging memento
WELT Mark left with the flick of the towel, Tom
WELT Shoemaker's strip
WELT Corduroy ridge
WELT Part 5 of the word ladder
WELT Wound
WELT Mark left by a whip
WELT Ornamental shoe strip
WELT Shoe strengthener
WELT Label
WELT Whipping upraising
WELT Rain over lake and narrow ridge
WELT Getting hit with a BB might leave you with one
WELT Strip of leather on a shoe
WELT Blister
WELT Strip of shoe leather
WELT Strip of shoe leather
WELT It's put over a seam at last
WELT A sign of injury in Wagner's world
WELT Raised mark on the skin
WELT Leather strip in shoe; thrash
WELT After blow, Mark was left in the rain
WELT Sore spot
WELT Shoe part
WELT Part of a shoe left in the rain
WELT Mark of punishment
WELT Lashing reminder
WELT Mark from a blow
WELT Paintball result, maybe
WELT Smash
WELT Shoemaking strip
WELT Reminder of a hit-by-pitch
WELT Heavy blow; thrash
WELT Possible result of an allergic reaction
WELT Seamstress's strip
WELT Stripe
WELT Swollen red patch on skin
WELT Bruise brother
WELT Mark of Zorro?
WELT Angela Merkel's world? It might be painful
WELT A blow made by a shoemaker
WELT Evidence of a lashing
WELT Lash mark
WELT Skin injury
WELT Raised mark
WELT Mark left by a whip
WELT Possible symptom of an allergic reaction
WELT Whip mark
WELT Ridge caused by a blow
WELT Shoe strengthener

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