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WELSH Such a rabbit is like a corgi
WELSH Steal the show dropping hot seat overseas, in a manner of speaking
WELSH Citizens of Cardiff
WELSH Nationality that's almost healthy and quiet
WELSH Nationality of rare bit of Corgi
WELSH Language that gave us the word "cwm"
WELSH Language for talking to the corgis
WELSH Jewel Sharon found was from Cardiff
WELSH Like Anglesey natives
WELSH Like names starting "Ff-"
WELSH Nadolig Llawen is Happy Christmas in which language?
WELSH Renege on a wager
WELSH London ....., rugby union club whose home ground is Old Deer Park
WELSH Workers' leader and the Spanish call for silence with people from Bangor
WELSH We don't say a word about large British people
WELSH Swansea residents
WELSH Like Richard Burton and Anthony Hopkins
WELSH Withheld payment
WELSH Corgi modifier
WELSH Like Roald Dahl, by birth
WELSH Like Tom Jones or Catherine Zeta-Jones
WELSH Natives of Cardiff
WELSH Fail to pay dresser for rabbit?
WELSH You and I left Soho regularly, like Lloyd George
WELSH Irvine ___, author of the novels Glue and Porno
WELSH European research fellow dismisses coral reef
WELSH From Aberystwyth, perhaps
WELSH Like the Pennsylvania place names Bryn Mawr and Bala Cynwyd
WELSH Like Ian Woosnam
WELSH Cambrian
WELSH Evade payment
WELSH Don't pay a lost wager
WELSH London ....., eight-times winners of rugby union's Middlesex Sevens
WELSH Cardiff's people
WELSH ___ rarebit, cheese on toast
WELSH The ?, 1731 stage play by Henry Fielding
WELSH Tom Jones' nationality
WELSH Reject
WELSH Actor Kenneth ("The Aviator")
WELSH Like Tom Jones. e.g.
WELSH Language heard in Wales
WELSH ___ rarebit
WELSH Irvine _; Scottish novelist
WELSH Celtic language
WELSH Disavow
WELSH Take back
WELSH Cheese dish, ... rarebit
WELSH Of Wales
WELSH W can be a vowel in it
WELSH Is this rabbit like a corgi?
WELSH Cardiff citizens
WELSH Vowel shift partly evident in language
WELSH Fail to honour Britons
WELSH Like the word "cwm"
WELSH Tabor leaves bowler hats to the English neighbours
WELSH Nationality of actress Catherine Zeta-jones
WELSH Nationality of Rhys Ifans
WELSH Like the Llwynywermod royal estate
WELSH Duck a debt
WELSH Like Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones
WELSH Like the name "Llewellyn"
WELSH Englishwoman dismisses moaning from family living in Cardiff
WELSH Leave without paying for tongue
WELSH It's known to locals as Cymraeg
WELSH ____ corgi
WELSH Like the Tudors, originally
WELSH The Aviator actor, Kenneth ...
WELSH Tom Jones' nationality
WELSH British nationality
WELSH Language in which "dd" and "ff" are treated as single letters of the alphabet
WELSH Like Anthony Hopkins and Tom Jones
WELSH From Swansea, say
WELSH Irvine —, author of novels Glue, Crime and Porno
WELSH Like rarebit
WELSH From Cardiff, eg
WELSH From Gwynedd, say
WELSH Word linking with "cake" for a sconelike food cooked on a bakestone or "dresser" for a farmhouse sideboard
WELSH Anthony Hopkins, by birth
WELSH From Cardiff
WELSH Cymraeg, in English
WELSH ___ rarebit (bread-and-cheese dish)
WELSH Language in Cardiff
WELSH Such a rabbit is like a corgi
WELSH Language that gave us ''corgi''

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