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WELL DONE Hamburger order (hyph.)
WELL DONE Burned at the steakhouse?
WELL DONE Compliment for a steakhouse?
WELL DONE Congratulations on steak order
WELL DONE Sirloin order
WELL DONE One way to cook a steak? Congratulations!
WELL DONE "Good job!"
WELL DONE Description of a beef steak or piece of lamb cooked to a far greater degree than one served rare, blue or "bleu"
WELL DONE My lecturer on "Introduction to Einstein" is excellent!
WELL DONE Impressive
WELL DONE A commendation by no means rare in cookery
WELL DONE Commendation for achievement
WELL DONE Given a good roasting - or congratulations
WELL DONE "Kudos!"
WELL DONE A1: "So, here's hoping for a job ___."
WELL DONE "All right!"
WELL DONE We?ll get Dunne reportedly. Hip, hip, hurrah!
WELL DONE Words of praise when drilling work is finished?
WELL DONE Irrigation project finished? Nice work!
WELL DONE Influential
WELL DONE Having had a thorough roasting, words of praise
WELL DONE Thoroughly cooked
WELL DONE Cooked thoroughly
WELL DONE Far from rare
WELL DONE Hardly rare, these words of congratulation
WELL DONE Commendation that's far from rare (4, 4)
WELL DONE No pink inside?
WELL DONE Praise for a cook is not rare
WELL DONE We'll put on movie's ending, nicely executed
WELL DONE Olwen led fresh expression of approval
WELL DONE Congratulations on how you might get the chop
WELL DONE Praise the half-baked won"t get?
WELL DONE Burnt to a crisp - Bravo!
WELL DONE My teacher, first to express words of encouragement
WELL DONE Words of praise: that isn't rare!
WELL DONE "Great job!"
WELL DONE Renovation of old newel is carried out successfully
WELL DONE Opposite of rare statement of approval
WELL DONE Our lot'll visit Tyneside thoroughly prepared
WELL DONE By no means rare expression of approval
WELL DONE Accomplished satisfactorily

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