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URIAH Hittite officer of the Old Testament who was married to Bathsheba
URIAH Bathsheba"™s husband"™s back-pedalling a shock perhaps for all
URIAH ___ Pedrad (character in the "Divergent" book series)
URIAH Whitesnake bassist Duffy
URIAH University locks up embezzling clerk
URIAH They say you are further up the heap (they say)
URIAH Hater of David, in Dickens
URIAH A Heep of literature
URIAH 'umble 'ypocrite of fiction
URIAH Bathsheba's husband's back-pedalling a shock perhaps for all
URIAH Dickensian schemer
URIAH Clerk in 1850 Charles Dickens novel David Copperfield
URIAH -- Heep (in Dickens)
URIAH Dickensian villain's forename
URIAH Heep of classic literature
URIAH A Heep of bad news
URIAH Actor Shelton of TV's "The Glades"
URIAH University rock musical brought back David Copperfield's Heep
URIAH Heep, Wilkins Micawber's boss
URIAH British prog-rockers ___ Heep
URIAH A Heep of villainy
URIAH Foe of Dickens's David
URIAH David had him killed, in the Bible
URIAH Heep of Dickens
URIAH Dickens character ___ Heep
URIAH Rock's ___ Heep
URIAH Old officer king had murdered in Guernica - tho' oddly overlooked
URIAH Eponymous 1970 debut album "___ Heep"
URIAH Bathsheba's Hittite hubby
URIAH First name of a Dickensian villain
URIAH Unitarian's first fine thing, elevating Biblical figure
URIAH 12 officer in uniform locks up
URIAH Dickens's villainous Heep
URIAH "David Copperfield" character Heep
URIAH Officer slain in the Old Testament
URIAH "David Copperfield" character
URIAH "David Copperfield" character
URIAH Heep of trouble?
URIAH Clerk in the 1850 Charles Dickens novel David Copperfield
URIAH Does he turn a hair, possibly?
URIAH Bathsheba's first mate
URIAH Bathsheba's Biblical husband
URIAH Heep of fiction
URIAH Old Testament Hittite officer married to Bathsheba
URIAH 'Umble man from Dickens (first name)
URIAH Rock group, with Heep
URIAH "David Copperfield" clerk
URIAH Dickensian clerk
URIAH Dickens' Heep
URIAH Dickens's villainous Heep
URIAH Bathsheba's husband before David
URIAH Foe of Dickens’s David
URIAH ___ Heep, "David Copperfield" antagonist

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