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TRATTORIA Excellent rhubarb dish served up in restaurant
TRATTORIA Eatery choice
TRATTORIA Upset pudding leads to a riot breaking out in foreign restaurant
TRATTORIA Traitor at resort cooking things for the Italians
TRATTORIA Vic left the Spice Girl after tart turned up in restaurant
TRATTORIA Eating house which a tart trio cooked
TRATTORIA Traitor at new restaurant
TRATTORIA Place to get a 95 Across
TRATTORIA Look, tramp returned sandwiches to restaurant
TRATTORIA Man races to catch rodent before old atmosphere returns in restaurant
TRATTORIA An Italian restaurant
TRATTORIA Pastry offered up, and doughnuts, by a restaurant
TRATTORIA Place to eat pastry that's brought back to Rhode Island area
TRATTORIA Pastry dish rejected by politician speaking out at a restaurant
TRATTORIA Restaurant with alternative atmosphere and ostentatious paintings
TRATTORIA Foreign restaurant about to display extreme cunning
TRATTORIA Informal eatery
TRATTORIA Show extravagant pictures from east - there'll be scoffing here
TRATTORIA Display outrageous paintings all around the restaurant
TRATTORIA Sent back dessert, stirring up a riot in restaurant
TRATTORIA Eating venue with regressive look and outlandish pictures?
TRATTORIA Fare for Italians to get here?
TRATTORIA Restaurant serving Italian food
TRATTORIA Eatery serving 47-Downs
TRATTORIA Place to eat pastry that's brought back to centre of restricted area
TRATTORIA Designation of Italian eatery, generally less formal than a ristorante but more so than an osteria
TRATTORIA Italian restaurant
TRATTORIA *Pasta-serving cafe
TRATTORIA Mould found in super flan served up in restaurant
TRATTORIA Busted traitor at Italian eatery
TRATTORIA For the first time, a deserter had to broadcast to an Italian restaurant
TRATTORIA Italian eatery
TRATTORIA One rubbish dessert set back a restaurant
TRATTORIA Serving up puff pastry cases closed restaurant
TRATTORIA Casual ristorante
TRATTORIA Pasta purveyor

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