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TOM Test set up for famous schoolboy
TOM Actor who plays the title role in TV'S Lucifer, ___ Ellis
TOM Actor Felton who won two consecutive MTV Movie Awards for Best Villain for his role as Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter
TOM First time on motorbike for boy
TOM DNC chair Perez
TOM Jerry"s drinking companion
TOM "Mad Max: Fury Road" star Hardy
TOM Male turkeys
TOM Actor Hanks who costars with Meryl Streep in the new movie "The Post"
TOM Actor Felton who played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies
TOM Domino's Pizza President ___ Monaghan
TOM British newcomer who plays the lead role in Spider-man: Homecoming, ___ Holland
TOM ___ Hanks, Meg Ryan's co-star in You've Got Mail
TOM With 14-Across, three-time Super Bowl MVP
TOM Holland who played Spider-Man in "Avengers: Infinity War"
TOM ___ Hardy, Taboo star who made mums swoon when he read for Cbeebies Bedtime Stories (pictured bottom)
TOM 'The Glass Menagerie' narrator
TOM Jerry's toon pursuer
TOM Mr Cruise, Hollywood actor
TOM See 20
TOM Fiance of Sam Nicholls in Casualty
TOM Lead-in to boy or girl
TOM He stole a pig
TOM He may get beaten if he appears again
TOM Selleck of "Magnum, P.I."
TOM Swift of sci-fi
TOM Mix of old oaters
TOM Mix of oaters
TOM Male animal
TOM Cruise to Mauritius to start?
TOM Quarterback Brady who was involved in "Deflategate"
TOM The cat would repeatedly get beaten
TOM Ireland rugby union player who made his international debut against England in 1960
TOM ___ Baker, the fourth actor to travel through time as the Doctor
TOM Kite, Watson, or Lehman
TOM Angels & Demons star Hanks
TOM Nicole's guy
TOM Kite of the links
TOM Hiddleston who plays Loki in Marvel films
TOM ___ Barrasso, goalie who won the 1984 Calder Memorial Trophy
TOM Cat of cartoons
TOM Mix of genre films
TOM Arnold of 'True Lies'
TOM Daisy's husband in "The Great Gatsby"
TOM First name above the title on the "Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation" poster
TOM "___ and Jerry" (classic cartoon in which a mouse often outwits a cat)
TOM Chain founder Carvel
TOM Arnold of comedy
TOM Look up the French word for cat
TOM "___ Thumb" (locomotive demonstrated by Peter Cooper on August 28, 1830)
TOM Avengers: Infinity War actor who formerly dated Taylor Swift, ___ Hiddleston
TOM When repeated, a drum played with the hands
TOM When doubled, a kind of drum
TOM Ryan Eggold's role on "The Blacklist"
TOM Actor Mix of "The Rainbow Trail"
TOM Cruise of 'The Last Samurai'
TOM ___ Hardy, 7D's co-star in Mad Max: Fury Road
TOM One of a trio of nobodies.
TOM Farm animal
TOM Farm animal
TOM A male cat
TOM Alley roamer
TOM Alley roamer
TOM Hanks, a voice of "Toy Story"
TOM 'Sex Bomb' singer Jones
TOM Rock legend Petty who died at age 66 on October 2
TOM Mix of westerns
TOM Cruise of Vanilla Sky
TOM A real turkey
TOM Big Bird
TOM First name of actors Hanks, Selleck or Cruise
TOM ___ Hiddleston, Eddie Redmayne's vocal co-star in Early Man
TOM Anchorman Brokaw
TOM Super Bowl's MVP ___ Brady
TOM The piper's son, in a nursery rhyme
TOM Father or son Joad in "The Grapes of Wrath"
TOM Famous American quarterback ___ Brady
TOM Cartoon feline
TOM Tabby's suitor
TOM Tommy, as a diminutive feline
TOM Male mouser
TOM ___ Hiddleston, British actor and star of new blockbuster Kong: Skull Island
TOM First of a familiar trio
TOM Boy whose name is repeated in a nursery rhyme
TOM Cat's name?
TOM Half of a drum
TOM Male manx
TOM Actor Wilkinson (Michael Clayton costar of 33 Across)
TOM Turkey's name
TOM Actor Sizemore (Pearl Harbor costar of 12 Down)
TOM Daschle, who will return as House minority leader
TOM Cat on the prowl
TOM ___ Hanks, 14A's co-star in The Post
TOM "The Revenant" actor Hardy
TOM "The Night Manager" actor Hiddleston
TOM Cruise in the movies
TOM Cruise who stars in the "Mission: Impossible" films
TOM "Edge of Tomorrow" star Cruise
TOM ___ Hardy, actor who has co-starred with 14A in two classic TV dramas Wuthering Heights and Oliver Twist

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