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TODDY Drink made with spirits and hot water
TODDY Hot bedtime drink
TODDY Drink now, disposing of article for a bit of drink
TODDY Extremely tipsy drinking rum, an alcoholic beverage
TODDY Drink containing rum, extremely tasty
TODDY Drink sometimes spiced with cloves
TODDY Ski-lodge offering
TODDY Palm-tree sap
TODDY Alcoholic drink
TODDY Sweet, spicy alcoholic drink
TODDY Alcohol
TODDY Alcohol
TODDY Intoxicant
TODDY Right now, daughter comes in for a hot drink
TODDY Tom and Jerry, e.g.
TODDY Drink rum in case of tragedy
TODDY Rum type avoiding exercise outside had sweetened drink
TODDY Rum sort of drink
TODDY Cold day libation
TODDY Hot drink
TODDY With hernia removed dehydration is fixed with drink
TODDY Obsequious type has change of heart at present
TODDY Now's day for a drink
TODDY Drink makes you extremely tipsy, with rum in
TODDY Drink's temperature not even variable
TODDY Winter warmer made with hot water
TODDY Try without right to hold strange drink of spirits and water
TODDY Hot drink wanted: it's not right to try rum in it
TODDY 20 went away to collect unusual drink
TODDY It could make one extremely tiddly with rum in it
TODDY Hot drink at a ski lodge
TODDY Spirits with hot water, sugar and spices
TODDY Hot ___ (winter drink)
TODDY Drink with strange youth leader after time
TODDY Sap of wine-palm
TODDY Hot ___; nightcap
TODDY Hot, spicy winter drink
TODDY Tons with unusual yen for sugared drink
TODDY Winter pick-me-up
TODDY In extremes of torpidity, a strange thing to drink?
TODDY Apres-ski drink
TODDY They vacantly drink strange drink
TODDY Fermented palm sap it's curious to find in tasty extremes
TODDY Hot ___
TODDY Hot drink made with rum or whisky
TODDY Hot drink of spirits with sugar and spices
TODDY Drink rum in outskirts of Torquay
TODDY Hot rum drink
TODDY Rum drink
TODDY Spiced drink
TODDY Cordial
TODDY Trifle contains divine alcoholic drink
TODDY Mixture of spirits, sugar and hot water
TODDY Hot quaff
TODDY Hot alcoholic drink

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