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TIPSY Sorta crunk
TIPSY Following hints you start to get drunk
TIPSY Merry, due to a combination of pourboires and early closing
TIPSY A little bit lit
TIPSY Mellow
TIPSY A bit too happy at happy hour?
TIPSY Happy to give a Yankee advice
TIPSY ___ cake is a kind of British trifle made from sponge cake soaked in white wine or sherry
TIPSY A bit in one's cups
TIPSY Youth leader goes after gratuities to get drunk
TIPSY Gossipy
TIPSY Sloshed
TIPSY Unsteady
TIPSY Advises to bet on 'Young and Merry'
TIPSY Drunk with gratuities given to youth leader
TIPSY Gives gratuity to the youthleader when drunk
TIPSY Confused
TIPSY Guiding
TIPSY Merry boy finally following advice
TIPSY Mellow rhymes, with 16 or 11 and a clumsy ending
TIPSY Buzzed
TIPSY Ends with last of the whisky, somewhat drunk
TIPSY Useful bits of advice given to unknown drunk
TIPSY Guided
TIPSY Happy suggestions at end of day
TIPSY Happy with points before start of year
TIPSY Merry ending to an easy piece
TIPSY Like some pieces of advice? Get drunk
TIPSY Loaded
TIPSY Loaded
TIPSY Irrigated
TIPSY On the road to being sloshed
TIPSY Blotto
TIPSY Tiddly, given pourboires by a Yankee
TIPSY Intoxicated
TIPSY Lubricated
TIPSY Reeling
TIPSY Showing the effects of excessive pourboires?
TIPSY Being a bit drunk is part of the Haiti psyche
TIPSY Upset, scarey, careless - and staggering!
TIPSY Slightly drunk
TIPSY Slightly drunk
TIPSY Not fully loaded
TIPSY Confectionery with an intoxicating effect?
TIPSY Flying
TIPSY What barmen like: last of brandy getting drunk
TIPSY Drunken
TIPSY Two sheets to the wind?
TIPSY Risking a D.U.I., say
TIPSY Pieces of advice taken by youth leader, merry
TIPSY Slightly drunk
TIPSY Upset, scarey, careless ___ and staggering!
TIPSY Pity's stirred by those influenced by drink
TIPSY A little drunk
TIPSY Fuddled typist fails to finish
TIPSY Rewards? Unknown for drunk!
TIPSY A bit buzzed
TIPSY A bit lit
TIPSY -----cake; a trifle made of a sponge cake soaked in white wine and decorated with almonds
TIPSY Somewhat soused
TIPSY In Chianti psychiatrists may get slightly drunk
TIPSY A bit buzzed
TIPSY Like happy hour attendees
TIPSY Blotto
TIPSY Wobbling
TIPSY A little tight
TIPSY Slightly intoxicated
TIPSY Under the influence?
TIPSY Slightly inebriated
TIPSY J-Kwon song
TIPSY Happy to give a Yankee advice
TIPSY Merry ending to an easy piece

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