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STAY Instruction to a shepherd
STAY Contingent
STAY Rope or wire bracing a ship's mast
STAY Don't go and support
STAY Not split?
STAY Not desert
STAY Not abandon
STAY Remit
STAY Order in the court
STAY Village People "It's fun to ___ at the YMCA"
STAY State time for embarkation if there's delay
STAY Collar controller
STAY Short vacation to keep Australian in the pen
STAY Canine command
STAY Burn the midnight oil, with "up"
STAY "...and ye shall ___ no longer" (Exodus 9:28)
STAY Prevail
STAY Bolster
STAY Not get hit?
STAY Remain about a pigpen
STAY Don't go right in to get the waif
STAY Lab stopper?
STAY Guest's visit
STAY Foundation
STAY Bother
STAY Nautical rope
STAY Remain with famous actors not Bishop
STAY Stop tenor coming in, for example
STAY Cancel a departure
STAY Remain as support
STAY Keep in a sty
STAY Admonition to Fido
STAY Stop agricultural leader being put in pen
STAY Guy rope bracing a ships mast; or, part of a corset that was historically constructed from whalebone
STAY Resist
STAY Mainstay
STAY Interruption
STAY Remain
STAY Obedience-school command
STAY Dog command that means "Don't move!"
STAY Dog owner's "hold it right there" command
STAY Simple canine command
STAY Command to a dog that means "Don't move"
STAY Live as a guest
STAY Stop and point at the river
STAY Guy has to remain in the same place
STAY To remain in in the same place
STAY Last word of "We've Got Tonight"
STAY Vacation
STAY Command to a pup
STAY Reprieve from the governor, say
STAY Suspension bridges finally placed alongside river
STAY Stop and speak about a junction?
STAY Pit bull stopper, one hopes
STAY Restrain
STAY Command to Spot
STAY Wedge
STAY Truss
STAY Stick
STAY Settle
STAY Adhere
STAY 2005 drama starring Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts and Ryan Gosling
STAY Remain, for example, holding fort, ultimately
STAY "Don't leave me!"
STAY Don't leave ___ support!
STAY Length of a visit
STAY Squat
STAY Initially settle the argument, yet remain in the same place
STAY Withstand
STAY Authenticate
STAY Mast's support
STAY Suspend
STAY The suspension of a judicial proceeding
STAY Where there's no right to wander, don't!
STAY Keep going to the Nag"s Head and turning nasty
STAY Endure
STAY Sweat it
STAY Sweat
STAY Pause
STAY Respite
STAY Break
STAY Truce
STAY Suspension
STAY Relief
STAY Peace
STAY Legal stoppage
STAY It won't go and prop one up
STAY Remain in boats heading west having dumped cargo
STAY Order to Benji
STAY See 22A. Remain focused, but better to keep your distance..
STAY Survive
STAY Persist
STAY Don't go anywhere

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