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STAR Paul Stanley has one on his face
STAR Famous
STAR Kind of anise or cactus
STAR Sci-fi film franchise, ... Wars
STAR A heavenly body found in West Arcadia
STAR See 21
STAR 1968 biopic starring Julie Andrews as Gertrude Lawrence
STAR Picture what the cooking connoisseur would never serve up? Sloppy starter
STAR Top player could be a guiding light for some
STAR Diamond standout
STAR Space western with Alden Ehrenreich and Emilia Clarke, Solo: A ___ Wars Story
STAR Lone ___ State (nickname of Texas)
STAR Word before "Trek" or "Wars" in some sci-fi titles
STAR Top performer unaccompanied in Texas
STAR "___ Wars: The Force Awakens" (upcoming sci-fi sequel)
STAR To head the bill one would begin on time
STAR Upsets despicable types opening type of 6 down
STAR Outstanding
STAR One at the top of the bill
STAR ___-Banner (Ocala, Florida paper owned by The Times Company)
STAR 2 One takes the lead in Costa Rica
STAR Street Arab or A-list celebrity?
STAR One billed higher than the rest
STAR A white spot or patch on the forehead of a horse
STAR Grable, Wayne, Hayworth, e.g.
STAR Zoe Saldana hit ___ Trek
STAR 2009 sci-fi movie starring Zoe Saldana and Chris Pine
STAR Sci-fi film starring Zoe Saldana and Idris Elba, ___ Trek Beyond
STAR See 6
STAR Top performer in the arts ...
STAR Kindergarten award
STAR - of Bethlehem; bulbous plant in the lily family with wild garlic-like white flowers in late spring
STAR Christmas tree topper, often
STAR "Flaming ___" (1960 Elvis movie)
STAR Initially sudden trail appeared red in the night sky
STAR "Entertainment Tonight" subject
STAR Medal
STAR A - Is Born; film with Bradley Cooper (director/producer) and Lady Gaga
STAR Barbra Streisand, Helen Hunt or Madonna
STAR Highlight one's seen in the theatrical world
STAR Dallas hockey player
STAR - crossed: doomed
STAR It could be you on a map
STAR Impersonation
STAR See 1 Across
STAR See 16
STAR Lead when I get out of step
STAR Celebrity set fair to make regular appearances
STAR TV show to begin with loss of ship in radio message
STAR Classic sci-fi series ___ Trek
STAR "M*A*S*H" partition?
STAR Beginning to lose a little lead
STAR Prominent
STAR How annoying to be turned over for lead
STAR Appears above a country"s crest to show they have won a World Cup.
STAR North Carolina flag feature
STAR 1968 musical based on the life of Gertrude Lawrence
STAR One of 12 in the European Union logo
STAR Ghanaian flag feature
STAR Draw in a picture?
STAR It may put a twinkle in your eye
STAR Put off start-up by celebrity
STAR Prominent performer, one removed from flight
STAR Big shot: "How annoying to be rejected"
STAR A feature of Old Glory
STAR Critic's unit
STAR Take the lead role
STAR Perseus' component
STAR Entertaining
STAR "A ___ Is Born"
STAR Celebrity's right to ignore board
STAR Prince, for example, getting 20% in statistics and arithmetic
STAR Celebrity sending nasty people back
STAR Eminent
STAR Leading renegades in the wrong direction
STAR Top actor of a film
STAR "Shining ___" (Earth, Wind and Fire hit)
STAR N.Z. flag feature
STAR "...a ___ to every wandering bark...": Shak.
STAR Alpha, e.g.
STAR Pound sign partner
STAR Highly-ranked athlete
STAR "The ___ Chamber" (1983)
STAR Sheriff's badge
STAR Name above the title
STAR Astronomer's sighting
STAR Stress
STAR Any Wimbledon winner, in the tennis world
STAR Box office draw
STAR Robert Wise film starring Julie Andrews as Gertrude Lawrence
STAR Red carpet walker
STAR Renowned
STAR Denzel Washington, for one
STAR "And I will give him the morning ___" (Rev. 2:28)
STAR Big name in Hollywood
STAR Top-billed one
STAR Top-billed performer

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