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SPADE Later nickname of one-time Star reporter
SPADE This tool is said to be sterilised
SPADE "The Maltese Falcon" detective
SPADE A shock-absorber in the south-east for one in a black suit
SPADE David ___, US comedian-actor who played the title role in 2003 film Dickie Roberts: Former Child Sta
SPADE Grown Ups and Joe Dirt star, David ...
SPADE Earth mover
SPADE Rake's shedmate
SPADE Gardener's shovel
SPADE Shovel's kin
SPADE A tool used for digging or cutting the ground with a sharpedged metal blade and a long handle
SPADE Bogart gumshoe
SPADE Trowel
SPADE Trowel cousin
SPADE Solver as pack member
SPADE Passed out without small implement
SPADE Tool with unusual pads on the end of the handle
SPADE Joe Dirt Me! Bull and Just Shoot star, David ...
SPADE Marilyn Manson song about playing cards?
SPADE Apes working with daughter's shovel
SPADE Dashiell Hammett's detective, Sam ..., comments on the Maltese Falcon that it's the "stuff that dre
SPADE Type of card in the deck
SPADE Trench-making tool
SPADE "Black bird" pursuer of fiction
SPADE It might turn up some dirt
SPADE Shovel for one in suit?
SPADE Part of suit that is found in the garden
SPADE Do some gardening
SPADE Type of black card in the deck
SPADE Bogart sleuth
SPADE 10, one in a black suit
SPADE Card of the highest ranking suit in the game of bridge
SPADE Example of 47- and of 83-Across
SPADE Sam of mystery
SPADE Hollow out
SPADE Sam ___ ("The Maltese Falcon" detective)
SPADE Black card that isn't a club
SPADE A card that"s useful in digs
SPADE Miles Archer's partner of fiction
SPADE Playing card with black motif
SPADE Symbol on a black ace
SPADE Classic Bogart role
SPADE David of "Rules of Engagement"
SPADE A place for a hippie in the south-east ___ it"s used for digs!
SPADE Shovel, to a card player?
SPADE Hammett figure
SPADE One in a suit has flat in the London area
SPADE Garden digging tool
SPADE Black playing card
SPADE Black symbol on a playing card
SPADE Black playing card symbol
SPADE Gardener's need
SPADE Card, small, something to write on with energy
SPADE Neutered, I heard, but not with this tool
SPADE Call it what it is
SPADE A tool with a sharpedged metal blade used for digging or cutting the ground
SPADE American detective"s notes on resort
SPADE Betting on keys and shovel
SPADE Hammett sleuth
SPADE Dashiell Hammett's detective, Sam ..., comments on the Maltese Falcon that it's the "stuff that dreams are made of"
SPADE Club relative, in cards
SPADE In fiction, Sam has a cushy place in the southeast
SPADE Tool that comes in a pack
SPADE High or low follower*
SPADE Suit of cards
SPADE Card figure
SPADE Prospector's tool
SPADE Betting three notes it"s a shovel
SPADE Gardener's tool
SPADE Tool found in suit
SPADE Garden tool
SPADE Garden implement
SPADE Gardening tool
SPADE Gardening tool (maybe so called)
SPADE Sam _; fictional detective
SPADE Implement in a suit?
SPADE Figure in a dark suit
SPADE Tool that's similar to a shovel
SPADE SNL alum David
SPADE Jack that's one-eyed and lacks a heart
SPADE "The Showbiz Show" host David
SPADE Certain black card
SPADE Betting three notes it's a shovel
SPADE Black leaf-shaped symbol on playing card
SPADE Miles Archer's partner
SPADE Part of a dark suit
SPADE Kate ___ (Designer brand)
SPADE Garden aid
SPADE Funnyman David
SPADE One's home in the Kent area's good for gardening
SPADE Gardening shed item
SPADE Betting notes on implement
SPADE Groundbreaking invention?
SPADE Ground breaker
SPADE Father of the Year star, David ...
SPADE Bridge column symbol

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