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SOLDIER A fighting man may get egg on his face
SOLDIER I go in to join one in the army
SOLDIER Strip of bread, toast, with child's egg
SOLDIER Thin strip of bread or toast served in such a way that it can be dipped into a soft boiled egg
SOLDIER The small, older one on the inside is in the army
SOLDIER Member of a land force
SOLDIER Container
SOLDIER Magazine welcomed by senior as part of the breakfast ritual?
SOLDIER Joiner grabs first one in the army
SOLDIER Member of a fighting force
SOLDIER See 18 Across
SOLDIER Strip of toast to go with a boiled egg
SOLDIER I get in some metal weld for the force member
SOLDIER Combatant
SOLDIER "Weld together houses," I grunt
SOLDIER Guerrilla
SOLDIER Fighting man
SOLDIER Private soldier
SOLDIER Serviceman
SOLDIER Military person
SOLDIER Mercenary
SOLDIER Manatarms
SOLDIER Manatarms
SOLDIER Enlisted man
SOLDIER Doughboy
SOLDIER Conscript
SOLDIER Conscript
SOLDIER Red soil suited to army man
SOLDIER Bond - one retained as trained killer
SOLDIER Military man convinced one group of engineers should retreat
SOLDIER Tommy is only getting two right
SOLDIER Gangster
SOLDIER Anti-war song written by Buffy Sainte-Marie and famously recorded by Donovan, Universal ...
SOLDIER Green beret
SOLDIER A private, oblong piece of bread or toast
SOLDIER Role Sid played as a warrior
SOLDIER Military man turning red soil over
SOLDIER A strip of buttered toast for the armed man
SOLDIER Man, one getting on in senior surroundings
SOLDIER Person getting on with senior about part of 3
SOLDIER Sold a line to the ultimate buyer in private
SOLDIER OAP guarded by senior army man
SOLDIER One who serves in an army
SOLDIER Man of war
SOLDIER Is older form of a strip of toast
SOLDIER Senior embraces another, one working diligently
SOLDIER One brought in to patch up trooper
SOLDIER One coming in to join up!
SOLDIER Army recruit such as a sapper or sniper
SOLDIER Commando
SOLDIER One of man"s 22 20, one bound by bond
SOLDIER Hero honored at Arlington
SOLDIER Especially for this guy
SOLDIER Ant perhaps, small, more mature, bites one
SOLDIER Veteran accommodated by senior member of forces
SOLDIER Warrior is older, somehow
SOLDIER 17 double-crossed one about to return
SOLDIER Tinker, tailor, ___, sailor, counting rhyme
SOLDIER Private note by princess reaches the Queen
SOLDIER One goes in to join one in the army
SOLDIER Join, in a way, when one gets admitted in private
SOLDIER This could be a regular breakfast item?
SOLDIER Warmonger
SOLDIER Musketeer
SOLDIER One in boot camp, say
SOLDIER Diligent employee prepared sild and roe
SOLDIER Small one may be eaten by senior military type
SOLDIER Did a fighting man have to patch things up with one?
SOLDIER One coming in to join Stravinsky antihero
SOLDIER Thin strip of bread or toast eaten with soft-boiled eggs
SOLDIER Sun to depart, right, traditionally without 3
SOLDIER Member of the Armed forces.
SOLDIER Private in engineers is over entertaining veteran
SOLDIER First class
SOLDIER 1970 film western starring Candice Bergen and Peter Strauss
SOLDIER Assassin
SOLDIER Persevere, with "on"
SOLDIER Paratrooper
SOLDIER Persevere, with "on"
SOLDIER Army member
SOLDIER Officer perhaps flogged strapping individual losing head
SOLDIER Guardsman
SOLDIER Sister saves magazine for part of breakfast perhaps
SOLDIER Fighting man with a sore lid
SOLDIER Private, say
SOLDIER Consumer may dip it into part of clutch
SOLDIER Person in a company

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