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SNEEZE Tori Amos's "Caught a Lite ___"
SNEEZE Provoke a blessing, in a way
SNEEZE "Bless you" preceder
SNEEZE Dismiss lightly, with "at"
SNEEZE Sudden involuntary expulsion of air from the nose and mouth caused by irritation of the nostrils
SNEEZE Blessing prompter
SNEEZE Most of the insult from middle-sized English nosy type comes with a blessing
SNEEZE Exhale spasmodically
SNEEZE This might come as a bit of a blow but it will get cold 6)
SNEEZE Partners and opponent, three times holding unknown hand, might catch this?
SNEEZE It might elicit a salute from an Italian
SNEEZE Back in section of the deep-freeze, ensuring cold symptom
SNEEZE Blessing elicitor
SNEEZE You might do this if you sniff pepper
SNEEZE A natural explosion that could bring blessings
SNEEZE Sounds like you could be in for cold
SNEEZE Treat as unimportant, with 'at'
SNEEZE Reason to say "Gesundheit!"
SNEEZE Capture
SNEEZE React to sunlight, maybe
SNEEZE Locked up in the deepfreeze, ensuring cold symptom
SNEEZE Something that's impossible to do with one's eyes open, per an urban legend
SNEEZE Hay-fever sign
SNEEZE Hayfever sound
SNEEZE React to dust, perhaps
SNEEZE Reaction to an allergen
SNEEZE Reaction to an allergen
SNEEZE Common cause for blessing
SNEEZE It goes "Ah-h-h-choo!"
SNEEZE Nasal explosion
SNEEZE Involuntary expulsion of air from the nose and mouth.
SNEEZE Sound heard in "Snow White . . ."
SNEEZE Hide-and-seek giveaway
SNEEZE Chopped dwarf tree, at the end, that might spread disease
SNEEZE React to snuff
SNEEZE Explosive burst of air out of the nose
SNEEZE Sudden involuntary exhalation
SNEEZE What one of the seven dwarfs does
SNEEZE Hay-fever reaction
SNEEZE Small joints allegedly lead to explosion
SNEEZE Blow air violently out through the nose
SNEEZE Explosion after an irritation
SNEEZE Hiding place revealer, maybe
SNEEZE Expel from one's nose
SNEEZE Pooh-pooh, with "at"
SNEEZE Blessing precursor
SNEEZE ___ guard
SNEEZE Beginning to sense joints, reportedly a symptom of flu
SNEEZE Hay fever symptom
SNEEZE Wish away wheeziness but show the sign of a cold
SNEEZE Go a-tishoo!
SNEEZE Nothing to ___ at
SNEEZE React to dander
SNEEZE Most of the insult from last note produced by nosy type comes with a blessing?
SNEEZE "Gesundheit!" elicitor
SNEEZE Sounding of hooter at minor explosion
SNEEZE Have one? I'll be blessed if I will!
SNEEZE Evoke a blessing
SNEEZE Eject air loudly with maybe a sign of contempt
SNEEZE Cold explosion?
SNEEZE Cold symptom
SNEEZE A blessing follows this involuntary action
SNEEZE A cold sign incorrectly seen on leaving zone
SNEEZE Something you close your eyes for
SNEEZE Sunday joint's heard to expire suddenly
SNEEZE Say 'Achoo!'
SNEEZE A sign of cold perhaps
SNEEZE Audible evidence that the last of the Mohicans had sound knees
SNEEZE Touch of the flu
SNEEZE Eruption that might elicit a blessing
SNEEZE Start of stiff joints said to be sign of cold
SNEEZE Scoff (at)
SNEEZE Sign of the common cold
SNEEZE Involuntary act may earn a blessing
SNEEZE Allergic reaction, at times
SNEEZE Cause for a blessing?
SNEEZE Sternutation- see Zen (anag)
SNEEZE Hay fever explosion
SNEEZE Sun on knees, they say, causes symptom of a cold
SNEEZE It often precedes "Bless you!"
SNEEZE React to ragweed
SNEEZE Doc's colleague's reduced drug for cold symptom
SNEEZE Blessed event?
SNEEZE Allergic reaction
SNEEZE Pooh-pooh, with 'at'
SNEEZE React to ragweed
SNEEZE Ahchoo!
SNEEZE One may sound like "tissue"
SNEEZE "4-Down-choo!"
SNEEZE Say "a-tishoo"
SNEEZE Expel air from the nose
SNEEZE Pooh-pooh, with "at"

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