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SMELL A RAT To know if something was wrong you'd expect a whiff of this when Frank Sinatra was out with the Pack
SMELL A RAT Be suspicious about small rate change
SMELL A RAT Have misgivings seeing Ella in unusually smart surroundings
SMELL A RAT False alarm? Let's be suspicious
SMELL A RAT Girl in smart outfit may be suspicious
SMELL A RAT Become suspicious when Pasternak heroine stuffs fish
SMELL A RAT Be suspicious
SMELL A RAT Don't buy it
SMELL A RAT Shift worn by married woman around suspect
SMELL A RAT Suspect some unloved girl leaves upset
SMELL A RAT One will be suspicious of that faculty for alcoholic retiring sailor
SMELL A RAT Suspicious? Sense one of 26, perhaps
SMELL A RAT Noted West Indian that's smuggled in fish? Suspect something wrong
SMELL A RAT Suspect something is wrong with lines in defamation followed by rising cheers
SMELL A RAT Realise something not right with reek on a lowlife
SMELL A RAT Suspect deception in small tear
SMELL A RAT Rather doubt earl's malt's matured
SMELL A RAT Suspect lets alarm off
SMELL A RAT Couple of lines in Grease, the first from the lead Travolta, is suspect
SMELL A RAT Suspect that something is wrong
SMELL A RAT Harbor suspicion
SMELL A RAT Suspect everybody returned during term as planned
SMELL A RAT Stream all off course? Detect something suspicious
SMELL A RAT Suspect fishiness
SMELL A RAT Suspect something's amiss, with master criminal holding everything back!
SMELL A RAT Suspect evildoing of singer in smart novel
SMELL A RAT Become suspicious and sniff out a long-tailed rodent
SMELL A RAT Be suspicious when old West Indian captain tucks into salmon?

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