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SMEE 'Hook' role
SMEE Captain Hook's ally
SMEE Mr. of "Peter Pan"
SMEE Bo'sun who's buddies with Bill Jukes
SMEE "Peter Pan" character
SMEE "Peter Pan" villain
SMEE Bespectacled bosun in 'Peter Pan'
SMEE Crewman on the Jolly Roger
SMEE Captain Hook subordinate
SMEE Captain Hook subordinate
SMEE Mr -; Captain Hook's bo'sun and right- (or left-) hand man in J. M. Barrie's novel and play Peter an
SMEE Captain Hook's mate in "Peter Pan"
SMEE Captain Hook's underling
SMEE "Jolly Roger" pirate
SMEE One of Pan's piratical pursuers
SMEE Barrie buccaneer
SMEE "Finding Neverland" role
SMEE Duck out of kinky sex and drugs
SMEE Hook's thug
SMEE "Peter Pan" henchman
SMEE Pirate of kiddie lit
SMEE Hook s mate
SMEE Local duck is to get across motorway
SMEE Hook's right-hand man
SMEE A foe of Pan
SMEE Dialectal name for a pochard or wigeon
SMEE Hook hanger on?
SMEE J. M. Barrie pirate
SMEE "Jolly Roger" crewman
SMEE Duck out of Mothers' Meeting
SMEE Shipmate of Starkey
SMEE He calls his cutlass Johnny Corkscrew
SMEE Girl to put head down and duck
SMEE Pirate simmered at regular intervals
SMEE Capt. Hook's companion
SMEE Duck! It's Captain Hook's bosun!
SMEE Possibly seem to be a duck
SMEE Duck found in crossword puzzles
SMEE "Peter Pan" nasty
SMEE Sidekick of Captain Hook
SMEE Spectacled bo's'n of fiction
SMEE Adeel Akhtar's role in the upcoming "Pan"
SMEE Literary pirate initially excluded by southern state
SMEE River duck
SMEE Hand on the Jolly Roger
SMEE "Peter Pan" baddie
SMEE Character hooked up with Hook
SMEE Back English measures to score a duck
SMEE Irish bo'sun of Brit lit
SMEE A type of duck
SMEE Widgeon
SMEE A variety of ducks seem different
SMEE Disney toon pirate
SMEE Tinker Bell capturer
SMEE Spectacled pirate of fiction
SMEE Storybook pirate
SMEE Pirate leaders of Somalia, manacled, expecting execution
SMEE "Luff, you lubber" speaker of literature
SMEE Neverpedia calls him "oddly genial"
SMEE Hook underling
SMEE "Peter Pan" man
SMEE Member of Hook's crew
SMEE 1991 Bob Hoskins role
SMEE One of Captain Hook's men
SMEE "Return to Never Land" role
SMEE Bob Hoskins role of 1991
SMEE A "Peter Pan" meanie
SMEE Captain Hook's helper
SMEE Pirate's mate, in literature and film
SMEE ___ And The Neverland Pirates, TV show
SMEE Hook's right hand?
SMEE Peter Pan pursuer
SMEE Hook's first mate
SMEE Hook's helper
SMEE Captain Hook's right-hand man
SMEE Hook's cohort
SMEE Captain Hook's aide
SMEE Foe of the Lost Boys
SMEE The bosun on Captain Hook's ship in JM Barrie's Peter Pan
SMEE Captain Hook's boatswain in J. M. Barrie's Peter and Wendy
SMEE Bosun in a Barrie play
SMEE Pirate in Neverland
SMEE Hook’s helper
SMEE Barrie's bosun
SMEE Bo'sun for Captain Hook
SMEE Captain Hook's right hand, so to speak
SMEE Man involved with Peter Pan
SMEE Captain Hook associate
SMEE Hook's henchman on "Once Upon a Time"
SMEE "Peter Pan" pirate
SMEE Henchman of Captain Hook
SMEE Hook's sidekick
SMEE Peter Pan adversary
SMEE Tinkerbell's abductor
SMEE Hook underling
SMEE Jolly Roger crewman
SMEE Neverland pirate
SMEE ''Peter Pan'' pirate
SMEE "Peter Pan" role
SMEE Barrie pirate

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