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SMASH Big overhead?
SMASH Embrace
SMASH Profitable
SMASH Outstanding
SMASH Producer's dream
SMASH Overturn
SMASH Power shot in tennis or badminton
SMASH Decisive tennis shot is an accident
SMASH Break-up by small to medium tree
SMASH Lay waste
SMASH Tumble
SMASH Break by accident
SMASH ... tennis players who moonlight as army surgeons?
SMASH Achievement
SMASH Triumph
SMASH Theater piece
SMASH Second film from TV series is overwhelming success
SMASH Defeat utterly
SMASH Ravage
SMASH Demolish
SMASH Band receiving money for hit
SMASH Big moneymaker
SMASH Might it break the racket?
SMASH Damage
SMASH Break up, but keep quiet about graduates
SMASH Crush small/medium tree
SMASH Scrunch
SMASH A fast and powerful overhead stroke in various racquet sports
SMASH Crash front of motor into small tree
SMASH Destruct
SMASH Compress
SMASH Flatten
SMASH Devastate
SMASH Violently break something into pieces
SMASH Tennis shot Monsieur features in frame
SMASH Tennis shot
SMASH Tennis stroke
SMASH Overhand tennis stroke
SMASH Break into tiny pieces
SMASH Forceful overhand hit is a great success
SMASH Break and shatter into pieces
SMASH Opposite of a flop
SMASH Hard tennis short
SMASH Keep quiet about mum's contribution to an accident
SMASH ___ hit; big success
SMASH Huge success
SMASH Really successful movie or song
SMASH Really successful movie or song
SMASH Destroy, as the patriarchy
SMASH Super hit
SMASH Pulverise the pile-up
SMASH Keep quiet about mum's accident
SMASH Bruno Lawrence Kiwi movie, ___ Palace
SMASH ___ hit - extremely successful movie or song
SMASH Band receives millions for a big hit
SMASH Don't say a word about mother's road accident
SMASH Shatter
SMASH Shatter, break
SMASH Male wearing belt across shoulder for collision
SMASH Bob the Frenchman gets a tree to break up
SMASH Be quiet about mother's road accident
SMASH Accident on court?
SMASH An accident on court?
SMASH Break, shatter
SMASH "___ Mouth" band
SMASH Break into a thousand pieces
SMASH Break into a million pieces
SMASH Shatter violently
SMASH Bankruptcy will strike one with great force
SMASH Break for return of manuscript and just one ash
SMASH Shatter / break
SMASH A nasty accident on the tennis court?
SMASH Be quiet about mother's financial failure
SMASH Blockbuster hit
SMASH Violently break
SMASH Keep mum drinking mother's ruin!
SMASH Crush potatoes under spades
SMASH Break (into pieces)
SMASH Ruin; big (success)
SMASH Elite troops covering miles on horse inflict defeat
SMASH Break to pieces
SMASH Break to bits
SMASH Box office bonanza
SMASH Box office hit
SMASH To break
SMASH Does it ruin the ball?
SMASH Band covering Madonna's No. 1? Big hit
SMASH Fast powerful overhead stroke in tennis

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