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SLEEP Be in the land of Nod
SLEEP See 22
SLEEP Do what Rip Van Winkle did
SLEEP "___-Tite" (song from "The Pajama Game")
SLEEP (K) Opposite of stay awake
SLEEP Dog nap
SLEEP Ps Lee is to have the rest
SLEEP "The best meditation," per the Dalai Lama
SLEEP Subject of the old proverb "Six hours for a man, seven for a woman, and eight for a fool"
SLEEP "To ___: perchance to dream": Hamlet
SLEEP "Nature's soft nurse," to Shakespeare
SLEEP Grab some Z's
SLEEP Spend some time out?
SLEEP Goes climbing, securing line ___ try dropping off?
SLEEP Around one-third of the average person's life
SLEEP Trance
SLEEP New parent's lack, often
SLEEP "The best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of ___" (W.C. Fields quote)
SLEEP PM's upset for rest of dark period
SLEEP Wayne needs it, as do we all
SLEEP & 22. Stay the night
SLEEP "The Big ___"; Humphrey Bogart movie
SLEEP Catch some Z's
SLEEP Dream environment
SLEEP Blanket drill
SLEEP Catch some Zs
SLEEP Be off when recumbent maybe
SLEEP Rest, in a way
SLEEP In September, the French take a rest
SLEEP "Glamis hath murder'd ___...": "Macbeth"
SLEEP Sees Lee Peters go for a bit of a nap
SLEEP Sentence
SLEEP Grab a few z's
SLEEP Bed down
SLEEP Looking back, removes skin to hit the hay
SLEEP To Milton it was "dewy-feathered"
SLEEP Conquer insomnia
SLEEP "--- double!" (pan player's cry on having the player to his left draw and use his card)*
SLEEP " azure-lidded ___": Keats
SLEEP See 17
SLEEP "The brother of death," according to Homer
SLEEP One goes to it head down
SLEEP Numbness
SLEEP Numbness
SLEEP Anesthesia
SLEEP Student's about to dribble in repose
SLEEP A legendary DJ"s spinning some R.E.M.?
SLEEP Rest period
SLEEP Respite
SLEEP Undresses going up for a rest
SLEEP What many do at night
SLEEP It puts you out, naturally
SLEEP A way to cook a chop
SLEEP Wet snow
SLEEP Old PM's retiring to get some shut-eye
SLEEP Forty winks
SLEEP What a new parent craves
SLEEP Rest or shelter in outer Salop
SLEEP Opposite of "stay awake"
SLEEP Zonk out
SLEEP Berth rite
SLEEP Passing
SLEEP "A hint of lovely oblivion," per D. H. Lawrence
SLEEP Get horizontal
SLEEP Colin Firth mystery thriller, Before I Go to ___
SLEEP Period of suspended consciousness during which REM or (less commonly) somnambulism can occur
SLEEP "The sweetest gift of heaven" (Virgil)
SLEEP Dullness
SLEEP Languish
SLEEP What you'll do in the arms of Morpheus
SLEEP "The Big ___" (1946 Bogart film)
SLEEP The Big ___ (Bogart-Bacall classic)
SLEEP Result of counting sheep
SLEEP Enjoy some REM, say
SLEEP Prayer follower, sometimes
SLEEP Removes clothing, retiring for this
SLEEP Intermission
SLEEP One of Garfield's loves
SLEEP Snooze
SLEEP Lethargy
SLEEP Torpor
SLEEP Turn back the covers and take a nap
SLEEP What a dolphin can do with one eye open
SLEEP What to do after retiring
SLEEP Best thing to do for the rest of the night
SLEEP "I'll ___ When I'm Dead" by 53 Across
SLEEP Second fellow has quiet nap
SLEEP Perform a nightly ritual
SLEEP Strips clothes off and turns over to go to it
SLEEP Silence

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