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SIR Ma'am counterpart
SIR Tennis pro Andy Murray, since 2017
SIR "___ Gawain and the Green Knight"
SIR Address for Isaac Newton
SIR At school, the kids wouldn't miss him
SIR "Hey, mister!"
SIR Elton John or Paul McCartney, e.g.
SIR Walter Raleigh or Walter Scott
SIR Highly respectful way of addressing a man
SIR Kind of loin
SIR Knight in commotion missing entrance to tent
SIR Beatle Paul's title
SIR Title of Osiris?
SIR One way to address a person of class
SIR A man of class, I reckon
SIR Word before and after "yes," in the Army
SIR ___ Toby, character in "Twelfth Night"
SIR "... ___, I perceive that thou art a prophet" (John 4:19)
SIR Salutation for Edmund Hillary
SIR Headmaster honorific
SIR "My good man"
SIR One may be entitled to be called it
SIR Hardly an ordinary Joe
SIR Word after "aye, aye"
SIR Word said with a salute, sometimes
SIR What a corporal calls a captain, often
SIR Francis Drake, for one
SIR Yes and no follower
SIR Title for Arthur Conan Doyle
SIR He must dissociate separately from county gentleman
SIR What not to call a sergeant
SIR A polite form of address for a man
SIR Elton John or Alec Guinness
SIR Male equivalent of "ma'am"
SIR ___ Edmund Hilary
SIR How to address a sergeant
SIR Bart's address as a schoolmaster?
SIR Half getting up when the gentlemen appeared
SIR Word before and after "yes"
SIR Letter starter
SIR Baronet's honorific
SIR Title used before the name of a knight
SIR "Brave ___ Robin" ("Spamalot" song)
SIR Officer or knight
SIR English title
SIR Good address for an adult male
SIR Word for a male superior
SIR Master is to go up at end of Summer
SIR *____ Paul teamed with Rihanna and Kanye
SIR What to call an officer
SIR Paul McCartney or Elton John
SIR Elton John, for one
SIR Man to climb back, briefly
SIR ___ Barton (first Triple Crown winner)
SIR ___ Barton (first horse to win the Triple Crown)
SIR Officer's address
SIR Teacher who is decorated?
SIR Respectful term of address to a man
SIR "___ Duke" (Wonder's tribute to Ellington)
SIR Respectful title
SIR Respectful term
SIR Almost to be a father to a schoolmaster
SIR Person touched on the shoulder?
SIR Gent
SIR Good thing to call an elderly gentleman
SIR What the pupils at the school in Hollyoaks should call a male teacher!
SIR Military title?
SIR Letter opener?
SIR Knight needing time to escape prison
SIR Carolina Panther mascot ___ Purr
SIR Title of knight or baronet
SIR Poitier, as Lulu called him
SIR Lloyd Webber title
SIR General's address
SIR Knight's title
SIR Title for Tim Rice
SIR Title for Mark Rylance
SIR Title for golf's Nick Faldo
SIR Francis Drake title
SIR Boot camp word
SIR Charlie Brown : Charles :: Peppermint Patty : ___
SIR Roger Moore or Sean Connery
SIR Andrew Lloyd Webber's title
SIR Word often said to a general
SIR Sean Connery's title
SIR Connery's title
SIR Teacher doing time in prison
SIR Male, tense, escaping from prison
SIR Teacher is wrong, yet right
SIR Epistolary salutation
SIR Title for the unknown
SIR Elton John's title
SIR To whom it may concern?
SIR Honorific for tennis's Andy Murray, nowadays
SIR Title for Patrick Stewart or Ian McKellen
SIR UK honorific
SIR Title for Andrew Lloyd Webber or Ian McKellen
SIR Formally fine fellow
SIR He's the fellow to ask for more at address

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