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SENORA Ma'am, in Madrid
SENORA One"s backing the artist ___ a girl from Barcelona
SENORA Kent girl meeting woman from Barcelona
SENORA Mrs. Rodriguez, e.g.
SENORA Title for Salma Hayek
SENORA Reason to transform Spanish lady
SENORA Spaniard's lady
SENORA Oaxaca woman's title, perhaps
SENORA Don Juan's lady
SENORA Title of Spanish married woman
SENORA Foreign money or a foreign lady
SENORA Reason to perform with a Spanish married lady
SENORA Casa lady
SENORA Lady of the casa
SENORA Lady of la casa
SENORA Has she no right to enter the water?
SENORA Lady of Lima
SENORA 1988 Venezuelan telenovela
SENORA Isabel Allende title
SENORA There"s reason, perhaps, to call a lady this
SENORA 1962 Gary "U.S." Bonds hit "Twist, Twist ___"
SENORA Juarez wife
SENORA She has no right to be in the water
SENORA A married Spanish woman equivalent to Mrs. when placed before a name
SENORA Juan's wife
SENORA Title for Eva Peron
SENORA Senor and ...
SENORA Title for Charo
SENORA Mazatlan miss
SENORA Mexico City Mrs.
SENORA Lady for Don Juan
SENORA Might she speak Spanish for the wrong reason?
SENORA Andalusian title
SENORA Title with a tilde
SENORA Term of address for a 2-Down
SENORA In bar, one stands up for a Spanish lady
SENORA Spanish wife
SENORA Married woman, in Madrid
SENORA Nuestra ___ de Atocha (ship that sank in 1622)
SENORA Spanish title
SENORA A spouse in Sevilla
SENORA See 67 Across
SENORA Lady of La Mancha
SENORA Spanish language equivalent of Mrs or madam
SENORA Counterpart for madame
SENORA Mrs or madam (Spanish)
SENORA Lima's Mrs.
SENORA She's maybe in Madrid for the wrong reason
SENORA Spanish equivalent to Frau
SENORA Title for some madrilenas
SENORA Sierra Nevada title
SENORA Andalusian title
SENORA Spanish lady's title
SENORA Madrid matron
SENORA Mexican name preceder
SENORA Mrs. in Mexico
SENORA Married mujer
SENORA Woman of la casa
SENORA The case of the lady and the bad hat
SENORA Spanish equivalent of Mrs.
SENORA Title usually abbreviated to its first, fifth and sixth letters
SENORA Mexican matron
SENORA Term of address with a tilde
SENORA Canary Islands Mrs.
SENORA Title for one of the Perons
SENORA Spaniard with reason to reform
SENORA Reason to break with the missus in Barcelona?
SENORA Mexican madam
SENORA Spanish title
SENORA Madame, in Spain
SENORA Paraguayan title
SENORA A Spaniard followed by a wife!
SENORA Foreign woman's negative response second time around
SENORA Married ma'am in Madrid
SENORA Madam from Madrid
SENORA Madam, in Spain
SENORA Madrid matron
SENORA Foreign lady, money, or article
SENORA There’s reason, perhaps, to call a lady this
SENORA Madame's Spanish counterpart
SENORA Title for una esposa
SENORA One's backing the artist ___ a girl from Barcelona
SENORA Married Spanish woman

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