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SEERS See 19 Dn. They travel to view a prophet in spectacles!
SEERS Saints held always to be wise men
SEERS Crystal globe gazers
SEERS Reading group?
SEERS "Psychic Friends" employees?
SEERS Crystal-ball gazers
SEERS Some card readers
SEERS Ones with gifts who don't care about presents
SEERS Visitors of tomorrow?
SEERS They've got the vision thing
SEERS Ones picking up things?
SEERS Tarot card dealers
SEERS They keep an eye on the ball
SEERS Crystal-ballers
SEERS Wizards
SEERS Singes report from prophets
SEERS Prophets who are never in the dark?
SEERS Disciples
SEERS Forecasters backed Italian runner's speed
SEERS They have visions of the future
SEERS Spectators
SEERS Spectators
SEERS Tea leaf readers, e.g.
SEERS Taro dish
SEERS Forward-looking group
SEERS They may have a ball
SEERS Reportedly burns prophets
SEERS Psychic hot line operators
SEERS Crystal ball owners
SEERS Future reporters
SEERS Crystal ball users, e.g.
SEERS They may have a ball at work
SEERS They're not blind to the future
SEERS Ones making forecasts
SEERS Ones skilled in divination
SEERS Prediction makers
SEERS Palm readers, e.g.
SEERS Purveyors of the future
SEERS Mediums
SEERS Tarot cards and crystal ball users
SEERS Believers
SEERS Some globe users
SEERS Fanciers
SEERS Visionaries
SEERS Dreamers
SEERS Those with vision
SEERS Clairvoyants
SEERS Prophets
SEERS Clairvoyant ones
SEERS They make good prophets
SEERS Tarot deck users
SEERS Prophetic ones
SEERS They prophesy to observe the right side first
SEERS Crystal gazers
SEERS Cryptesthetic persons
SEERS Visionaries
SEERS Clairvoyant types
SEERS Those with ESP
SEERS Reading offerers
SEERS Forward thinkers?
SEERS Crystal ball readers
SEERS Fortune-tellers, ones making forecasts
SEERS Lifeline readers
SEERS Tiresias and Nostradamus, e.g.
SEERS They aren"t blind prophets
SEERS Ball handlers?
SEERS Forward thinkers?
SEERS Clairvoyant folks
SEERS Crystal globe gazers
SEERS Fortune-tellers
SEERS Mopsus and Melampus
SEERS Oracles
SEERS Fortunetellers
SEERS Some visionaries

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