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RUBY The hue of Dorothy's magical slippers in the land of Oz
RUBY Aussie star who appeared in Orange is the New Black, ___ Rose
RUBY Stone put in ground, the odd bits moving
RUBY ___ O'donnell, Hollyoaks actress behind Peri Lomax
RUBY Plays teenager Peri Lomax in Hollyoaks, ---- O'Donnell
RUBY "John Wick: Chapter 2" actress ___ Rose who's one of People's Most Beautiful for 2017
RUBY Stacey Fowler's mate who has made a return to Albert Square
RUBY A 40th wedding anniversary is traditionally described using what gemstone?
RUBY Jack ?, assassin of Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963
RUBY Rugby centre left for his 40th anniversary
RUBY Rock problem on summit of Yewbarrow
RUBY "___ Tuesday" by The Rolling Stones
RUBY A jockey, well-known, who's as hard as stone?
RUBY Fortieth curry for Cockneys
RUBY Buy a rusty Datsun estate, initially repaired for a song
RUBY ___ Haswell, Emmerdale character
RUBY Gem of a centre taken out of game
RUBY Is she ruddy beautiful
RUBY Dorothy's slippers material
RUBY Woman is right: buy helter-skelter
RUBY Polish zloty finally a valuable commodity?
RUBY Heartless sport that may be seen in ring
RUBY Slippers' color in "The Wizard of Oz"
RUBY Emmerdale"s __ Haswell, who really wants a baby with her partner Ali Spencer
RUBY Kenny Rogers hit
RUBY Massage lowest part of body that's red
RUBY ___ Turner, soul singer (not Tina!) who's appeared many times on Hootenanny
RUBY Deep red hue
RUBY Type of port
RUBY Gem to polish with glossy finish
RUBY Gemstone
RUBY Australian actress known for Orange is the New Black, ___ Rose
RUBY Woman's name in the title of a 1969 song by Kenny Rogers
RUBY Fortieth anniversary stone
RUBY Old city set up beside a stone
RUBY Red color hidden backward in nine answers in this puzzle
RUBY A girl to massage your head
RUBY 40th anniversary gift
RUBY School expelling good girl
RUBY Buff yellow color for slippers
RUBY Scabbard adornment
RUBY This stone is a type larger than pearl
RUBY Polish back of grey stone
RUBY A dark red
RUBY What frotteur does with unknown girl
RUBY The type to be found in the ring
RUBY Wax and massage with happy ending
RUBY Girl's name - colour
RUBY Precious stone
RUBY Girl from Bury?
RUBY Gemstone comprising mainly aluminium oxide
RUBY Like Dorothy's slippers in "The Wizard of Oz"
RUBY Vivid red
RUBY Heartless sport is a gem
RUBY She's anything but worthless!
RUBY Inter changing oddly into red
RUBY Aussie actress seen in Orange is the New Black (---- Rose)
RUBY Precious red gem - synthetic versions are used in lasers
RUBY Noted assassin assassin
RUBY ___ O'donnell, actress who plays young Hollyoaks village resident Peri Lomax
RUBY A gemstone
RUBY A red, transparent precious stone that is a variety of corundum
RUBY Highly valued precious stone a red variety of corundum
RUBY Small type of gem
RUBY Gem type
RUBY Jack perhaps sent back portion of unsavoury burrito
RUBY Deep red - transparent gemstone
RUBY A red gemstone
RUBY Port of red stone
RUBY Red gem
RUBY A red gem
RUBY Gem stone
RUBY Deep red variety of corundum
RUBY Girl's game that's no good
RUBY Stone representing being united for forty years
RUBY Game using stone
RUBY A type of stone
RUBY July's birthstone
RUBY It's a drawback having yen for precious stone
RUBY Scrape back of Blarney stone
RUBY Red shade
RUBY The girl from Redstone
RUBY Girl who's pinched grand from school
RUBY Ruddy
RUBY Keeler of "42nd Street"
RUBY - slippers; Dorothy Gale's magical shoes in the film The Wizard of Oz
RUBY Like some lips
RUBY July's stone
RUBY Dorothy Gale' shoe colour in "Oz"
RUBY Color of some hummingbirds' throats
RUBY Gemstone whose name comes from the Latin for "red"
RUBY Pinkish
RUBY Woman's the latest in infirmary after stroke
RUBY Polish top of yellow or red stone
RUBY Star who plays Calamity in Pitch Perfect 3, ___ Rose (pictured)
RUBY The man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack ...

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