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ROYAL Famous
ROYAL Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry are all members of the ... Family (
ROYAL ___ collection; owned by the Queen, the world's largest private art collection
ROYAL Upperclass
ROYAL Word before pain or treatment
ROYAL Sail nominally associated with the Ark?
ROYAL Buckingham Palace denizens, The ___ Family
ROYAL Boys like William and Harry
ROYAL Turning common or not common
ROYAL Elevated
ROYAL Two boys of the queen
ROYAL The ___ Tenenbaums stars Bill Murray and Owen Wilson
ROYAL August
ROYAL Blue blood
ROYAL The second volume of The Flashman Papers by George MacDonald Fraser
ROYAL Thorough
ROYAL Sail, like Alonso
ROYAL Stunning
ROYAL Wonderful
ROYAL Old gold coin - stag with 12 or more points
ROYAL Prince Harry is one
ROYAL Historic high street that runs from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood House
ROYAL Blue hue
ROYAL Queen Elizabeth II's daughter's title, the Princess ...
ROYAL A lory, wild, is really impressive
ROYAL Sail to put up or put back
ROYAL Eminent
ROYAL Ruling
ROYAL Top family has many branches
ROYAL Two chaps with their own academy?
ROYAL "Once in ... David's city Stood a lowly cattle shed, Where a mother laid her baby In a manger for hi
ROYAL Renowned
ROYAL ___ Liverpool Philharmonic
ROYAL Silk stocking
ROYAL Silk stocking
ROYAL August, when two boys get together to sail
ROYAL Distinguished
ROYAL Impressive
ROYAL Magnificent
ROYAL 2002 Ascot Gold Cup-winning horse
ROYAL Monarch"s song soldiers recalled
ROYAL Wager gold will be brought back for a king
ROYAL Residential road in Bath built to the designs of John Wood the Younger between 1767 and 1774
ROYAL Down The second volume of The Flashman Papers by George MacDonald Fraser
ROYAL Like Buckingham Palace
ROYAL What can be a flush, a jelly or an icing?
ROYAL Aristocrat
ROYAL Gentleman
ROYAL "Down in the Boondocks" singer Billy Joe ___
ROYAL Sail with two little boys
ROYAL Of a monarch
ROYAL The R&A recently sold the live rights to the British Open to Sky ___ what does the R in R&A stand for?
ROYAL A splendid meal for a sovereign
ROYAL Pertaining to a sovereign
ROYAL Say, Windsor Castle having Pacino as neighbour
ROYAL Of the monarchy
ROYAL The boys like jelly!
ROYAL Honorable
ROYAL Two boys of Windsor connection?
ROYAL Offering allegiance (after initial change of side) for monarch
ROYAL Old Remington competitor
ROYAL Countess
ROYAL Illustrious
ROYAL Stag of twelve points with household at the palace?
ROYAL Fit for a king or queen
ROYAL Of the monarch
ROYAL Magnificent song, or uplifting
ROYAL True change of direction upfront for William, say
ROYAL Facile
ROYAL Majestic
ROYAL Majestic poem or the reverse
ROYAL Dominant
ROYAL August, where end of July a parting duty, virtually
ROYAL Shade of blue or purple
ROYAL Any player on the 2015 World Series winning team
ROYAL Rector's first love? University, endlessly splendid
ROYAL The R in R.C.M.P.
ROYAL China cat? Sorry nothing left, we're out
ROYAL Philander separated? This united them!
ROYAL Comedy about a dysfunctional family, The ___ Tenenbaums
ROYAL Simple
ROYAL Larger than usual, like Henry VIII
ROYAL Worthy
ROYAL Not difficult
ROYAL Of or relating to or indicative of or issued or performed by a king or queen or other monarch.
ROYAL & 12Ac. 1995 English Grand National winning horse
ROYAL Medical drama set in the 60s, The ___

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