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ROSES Flowers eaten by horse sorta coming up
ROSES See 212005 Dubai World Cup winner ridden by John R Velazquez
ROSES Flowering shrubs that are the symbol of the English Rugby Union team
ROSES Derby winner's bouquet
ROSES Central character in Friends embraced by another giving flowers
ROSES "Days of Wine and ___" (tune for which Johnny Mercer won his fourth Academy Award)
ROSES *Symbols for Houses of Lancaster and York
ROSES Flowers of 15th century war
ROSES Crimsons
ROSES Scarlets
ROSES Cerises
ROSES Wine list heading
ROSES They come with bows and beaus
ROSES February 14 purchase
ROSES Flowers symbolising love/passion
ROSES WWI song, "... are flowering in Picardy; But there's never a rose like you"
ROSES Fragrant flowers in colors of red, pink, yellow, white of a prickly shrub or bush
ROSES These bloomers may become standard
ROSES Stood up for southern fragrant flowers
ROSES Wines needing pinch of salt in eggs
ROSES Romantic red blooms
ROSES Popular Valentine's Day gift
ROSES Pete & Charlie
ROSES Fragrant flowers of a thorny bush
ROSES The wars of these flowers, red and white, were fought between the houses of Lancaster and York
ROSES Romantic dozen
ROSES Pink wines
ROSES Feb. 14 gift
ROSES "The Run for the ___" (nickname of the Kentucky Derby)
ROSES Shenandoah might give "Two Dozen" to their girl
ROSES Cardinals
ROSES 1990 Michael Douglas comedy, The War of the -----
ROSES Long-stemmed beauties
ROSES Chainsmokers hit on Billboard's 2016 year-end Hot 100 ... or flowers with thorns
ROSES Cherrys
ROSES Derby winner's garland
ROSES "Jean, Jean, ... are red; All of the leaves have gone green; And the clouds are so low; You can touch them and so; Come out to the meadow, Jean"
ROSES Flowers in a nursery rhyme commonly believed to be about the Great Plague
ROSES Common garden flowers
ROSES What Moses supposes his toeses are, in an old verse
ROSES Sobers up giving a miss to pub for wine lovers
ROSES Lover's gift on Valentine's Day
ROSES Sores arranged flowers
ROSES Gifts to a diva
ROSES Pink drinks
ROSES The Kentucky Derby, "The Run for the ___"
ROSES Bloods
ROSES Dog___, shrub with pale pinkish-white flowers scrambling over hedgerows, country lanes and woods in June-July
ROSES Byrne and McGowan
ROSES Emma Goldman remarked that she would rather have these flowers on her table than diamonds on her nec
ROSES Kathy Mattea "Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen ___"
ROSES Sparkling wine choices
ROSES The Houses of Lancaster and York fought the War of the ___.
ROSES Shenandoah "Two Dozen ___"
ROSES 'It was ___, ___, all the way' (Browning)
ROSES Attar is from the petals of these flowers
ROSES Floral subjects of an 1890 Van Gogh work
ROSES Flowers that are often given on Valentine's Day
ROSES Flowers
ROSES Pink flowers in a Van Gogh still life
ROSES Showy flowers
ROSES Flowers one got up, going south
ROSES Flowers traditionally arranged in bowl-like vases with perforated lids
ROSES Flowers came up on Sunday the first
ROSES They're red in a greeting card rhyme
ROSES "___ are red, violets are blue"
ROSES Bloomers with hips
ROSES England's Wars of the ___
ROSES Valentine flowers
ROSES They're typically sold by the dozen
ROSES Cougs are going for 'em
ROSES Some wines
ROSES Flowers that came to be associated with the conflict between two English dynasties
ROSES Perfume ingredients
ROSES Source of a Pasadena parade aroma
ROSES Derby flora
ROSES Items often purchased in dozens
ROSES City of ___, Portland (OR) nickname
ROSES "Everything's Coming Up ___"
ROSES Flowers came into existence with onset of spring
ROSES The flowers of a prickly bush celebrated as sweetsmelling
ROSES Derby winner's wreath
ROSES Syrup source for marshmallows
ROSES Some table wines
ROSES Flowers in Comoros estate
ROSES Flowers bred by the late Shropshireborn horticulturist David Austin
ROSES With types including Bourbon, damask, floribunda and tea, flowers symbolising love, romance, passion and beauty
ROSES York & Lancaster conflict, the Wars Of The ...
ROSES Gift from one's valentine
ROSES Florists' staples
ROSES Sample bistro's espresso and get some for mum today perhaps
ROSES Flowers that can make fine spray
ROSES Derby prizes
ROSES Occupants of bed got up with sun
ROSES Flowers bred by David Austen such as his fragrant variety Gertrude Jekyll
ROSES Wars of the ___ (struggle between the houses of Lancaster and York, 1455-85)

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