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ROBOTIC Like Tik-Tok in the Land of Oz
ROBOTIC Mechanical and emotionless
ROBOTIC Of mechanical movements
ROBOTIC Automaton-like
ROBOTIC So Hal was appropriate, according to The Listener!
ROBOTIC Mechanical unit replacing energy in sort of 9
ROBOTIC Automatic
ROBOTIC Unresponsive like R2-D2?
ROBOTIC Stiffly awkward. as movement
ROBOTIC Mechanically automated
ROBOTIC Description of a dance performed by Peter Crouch when he was celebrating a goal in the pre-2006 Worl
ROBOTIC Embrocation with no name working like a machine
ROBOTIC Automated
ROBOTIC Automated
ROBOTIC Automation in charge of stiff type
ROBOTIC Resembling an android
ROBOTIC Unemotional
ROBOTIC Mechanically-produced brick almost too awful
ROBOTIC Descriptive of K-9's pinch of the ear
ROBOTIC It's automatic to turn away from contributor
ROBOTIC Laborious
ROBOTIC Steal in the ears like a Dalek's voice?
ROBOTIC British in origin, independent, cold and mechanical
ROBOTIC Laboring
ROBOTIC Robert gets back to be in charge, but it all seems automated
ROBOTIC Like some high-tech machines
ROBOTIC Emotionless
ROBOTIC Steal books and one gets caught - it's mechanical
ROBOTIC Deprive of hearing, like a zombie?
ROBOTIC Crib, too, became mechanical
ROBOTIC Automatic rifle or two in collection, originally
ROBOTIC Machinedriven
ROBOTIC Like automatic device little man has in the ear
ROBOTIC Mechanical right boot managed to get one caught
ROBOTIC Laborintensive
ROBOTIC Such an inhuman way to ensure work gets done
ROBOTIC Using automatic, deprive of an ear
ROBOTIC Sort of dancing around cot with brio
ROBOTIC Deprive of hearing, becoming stiff and unemotional
ROBOTIC Machinelike
ROBOTIC Mechanical orbit circling round and around
ROBOTIC Stiffly awkward
ROBOTIC Stiff and mechanical
ROBOTIC Like an automaton

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