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RICK "Jessie's Girl" singer Springfield
RICK Cord of firewood
RICK Stack of cordwood cut to even lengths
RICK "Disco Duck" singer Dees
RICK Chef Bayless of Mexican cuisine
RICK Place to stay that's cool, paradoxically, on English lake
RICK Basketball coach Pitino
RICK "___ and Morty" (animated series on Adult Swim)
RICK The Band bassist Danko
RICK ___ Grimes, The Walking Dead's star character
RICK Heap of hay or straw
RICK Pile up
RICK Sprain
RICK Basketball's ___ Barry
RICK 55-Across's role in 55-Across
RICK "Here's looking at you, kid" speaker
RICK Derringer of the McCoys
RICK Some straw hurt one's back
RICK Gov. Perry of Texas
RICK Twist
RICK Arrow's Rene Ramirez, ---- Gonzalez
RICK Deputy Grimes on "The Walking Dead"
RICK Burch of Jimmy Eat World
RICK Little Richard made a stack
RICK Hurt ankle in a stack of hay
RICK "Casablanca" hero
RICK Wrench; haystack
RICK Hollyoaks" Nancy Osborne confessed to sleeping with him before her wedding
RICK Nelson or Mears
RICK Humphrey's "Casablanca"
RICK "Superfreak" singer James
RICK Heap is what Pat may have dropped
RICK "The Walking Dead" hero Grimes
RICK Stack unlimited building-blocks
RICK "You're getting on that plane with Victor" speaker
RICK Mr. Harrison of "Pawn Stars"
RICK Iconic keyman Wakeman
RICK Haystack
RICK Moranis of "Ghostbusters"
RICK --- Stein, celebrity chef and restaurateur
RICK Stack of hay - pain in the neck
RICK Singer Astley
RICK "Superfreak" singer ___ James
RICK Bogie role
RICK Perry, who succeeded Bush in Texas
RICK Barry of basketball
RICK Producer Rubin
RICK D.J. Dees
RICK He loved Ilsa
RICK Late actor holding vigil for one of the 8
RICK Moroccan bar-owner showing strain
RICK Sprain one's neck
RICK Sprain
RICK Travel writer Steves
RICK Actor Moranis of "Little Shop of Horrors"

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