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READ Mike ___, radio and television presenter whose credits include BBC TV series Pop Quiz and Saturday S
READ Acquire
READ Curl up with Cather
READ "Arkansas Traveler" founder
READ What a blind person can do with Braille
READ Concerning the notice you see in the paper
READ Make out revolutionary carrying one
READ Make out
READ Con youth leader out of money
READ Use tea leaves
READ Miss ?, pen name of Dora Jessie Saint, author of 1959 novel Thrush Green
READ Enjoy Lamb and Rice
READ Study in Scarlet, A
READ Translate
READ "___ 'em and weep"
READ Scanned for content
READ Prepared to take year off for study
READ Study article penned by Communist
READ Review
READ Record
READ Basic skill that Ali Spencer has struggled with in the past in Emmerdale
READ Devour a book
READ Render
READ Foreshadow
READ Portend
READ '___ and weep!'
READ Use a scanner on
READ Understood
READ Divine an opponent's holdings*
READ Follow the script
READ Start of an unkept Bush 41 promise
READ Enjoy The Inquirer
READ Bone up on
READ Psychic's verb
READ It's easy to do if you've got a book, hard if kids are bugging you*
READ Analyze, as a defense
READ Comprehend
READ Coronation Street"s Tim Metcalfe had to learn to do this much later than most
READ Examine
READ Measure
READ Relax with a good book
READ Figure out the pitcher
READ Study religious education, leading to a first in divinity
READ Declare
READ Declare
READ Study what stops traffic around midday
READ Restate
READ Homonym for reed or red
READ Look at
READ "Alive" author Piers Paul ___
READ Take in a paper
READ Guess, as a pitcher's intentions
READ English lady pirate, Mary ___
READ Regard
READ Take in People
READ What many do on train commutes
READ Homophone of 46-Across
READ Study a script
READ Understand
READ Recognize
READ Run one's eye over
READ Enjoyed the paper
READ Enjoyed a story
READ Analyze, as a golf green
READ Study what follows 18 in a 17
READ Forecast
READ Locate
READ Like used books
READ Entry in a bookworm's calendar
READ Survey
READ Learn
READ Paraphrase
READ Enjoy "The Old Man and the Sea"
READ Notice
READ Use cue cards
READ Audition
READ Dread not finishing the building of study
READ Looked at and understood
READ Not quite ready to be a student
READ Gather
READ Discern
READ Measure energy or fuel consumption
READ Enjoy, as an e-book
READ Utter
READ Leafed through
READ Studied the utterance of a Communist
READ Register
READ To interpret as a person's thoughts
READ Estimate
READ Witness
READ Visibly embarrassed about a book?
READ Express
READ Part of ROM
READ Assert
READ Studied Communist's pronouncement

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