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QUASI It means 'sorta '
QUASI As it were, as if
QUASI Subdued
QUASI Restrained
QUASI Pressing
QUASI Pressed
QUASI Suppressed
QUASI Similar
QUASI Withdrawn
QUASI Voidable
QUASI Pretended
QUASI Imitation
QUASI Phoney bellringer denied tricky mood
QUASI Killing
QUASI Taking
QUASI Masterful
QUASI Seeming
QUASI Discontinued
QUASI Declared
QUASI Synthetic
QUASI Prefix with judicial
QUASI Artificial
QUASI Nullified
QUASI Undogmatic
QUASI Undoable
QUASI Vitiated
QUASI Trashy
QUASI Undone
QUASI Squashed
QUASI Undogmatical
QUASI Undramatic
QUASI Compressed
QUASI Controlled
QUASI Humiliated
QUASI Beaten
QUASI Crushing
QUASI Smothering
QUASI Controllable
QUASI Question one is bringing up as it were
QUASI Quenched
QUASI Pseudo
QUASI Almost
QUASI Partly
QUASI Crushed
QUASI Defeated
QUASI Discharged
QUASI Much the same
QUASI Hushed
QUASI Smothered
QUASI Smothered
QUASI Reversed
QUASI Reversed
QUASI Controlling
QUASI Silenced
QUASI Kind of, but not exactly
QUASI Beatable
QUASI Almost left when going in, as it were
QUASI Apparently
QUASI Sort of
QUASI Humiliating
QUASI Extirpable
QUASI Hushhush
QUASI Squelched
QUASI Extinguished
QUASI Destroyable
QUASI Quelled
QUASI Squishy
QUASI Destroyed
QUASI Mastered
QUASI Somewhat
QUASI To some degree
QUASI Repressed
QUASI "Sort of" beginner
QUASI Invalidated
QUASI Invalidating
QUASI Apparent
QUASI Question and answer session's most prolific setter? As if!
QUASI Sorta kinda
QUASI Sort of, but not quite
QUASI Prefix equivalent to -ish
QUASI It means ''not exactly''

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