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POOL Tori Amos tune
POOL Kind of table or hall
POOL Liver or car ender
POOL Polo doctor in hot water possibly
POOL Backyard feature that might be in-ground or above-ground
POOL See 42-Across
POOL Organization
POOL Game mentioned by Rod Stewart in "Maggie May"
POOL Business combo
POOL Place to do the backstroke
POOL Combination
POOL English may play a role in it
POOL Put together
POOL Kind of ball or hall
POOL What you do to money to make it
POOL Ring back, if game
POOL Kitty is in a game involving potting
POOL Reserve
POOL Funds
POOL Funds
POOL Group
POOL Association
POOL Game for bankers?
POOL Summer hangout, for many
POOL Coordinate
POOL Nine-ball -, game at which Niels Feijen and Liu Shasha are the 2014 world champions
POOL Water hole
POOL A game lot of typists perhaps
POOL Game in which you rack 'em up
POOL Banking is an important part of it
POOL Michael Phelps' bailiwick
POOL See 9
POOL Game with sticks
POOL Basin
POOL Indoor game
POOL Indoor game
POOL Cue sport/game depicted in the novel or film The Color of Money
POOL Table sport
POOL Action at the office
POOL Mere indoor sport
POOL Mere indoor ball-game
POOL Spot to beat the heat
POOL Combine
POOL Unite
POOL Unite
POOL Combine resources
POOL Blend
POOL Mingle
POOL Merge
POOL Connect
POOL Socialize
POOL YMCA feature
POOL See 11
POOL Kitty in swimming baths
POOL Splash
POOL Mere wind from the east
POOL Summer cooler
POOL Summer cooler
POOL Marco Polo venue
POOL Body of water
POOL A place for you to swim in
POOL In public library ring twice for Kitty
POOL A kitty
POOL Collection
POOL Place holding rings for a group of competitors
POOL Quietly rings student for a game
POOL Place for wet cannonballs
POOL Mud puddle
POOL Kitty in a puddle
POOL "The Dead ___" (Eastwood)
POOL Scene from a summer place
POOL Swimming centre or lily pond
POOL Conglomerate
POOL Syndicate
POOL Hotel's swimming spot
POOL Equipment
POOL Equipment
POOL Provisions
POOL Kitty's game
POOL Place for an indoor swim
POOL "Dirty" activity
POOL Parlor game, and word that can follow the last word of the answers to asterisked clues
POOL Word with car or bumper
POOL Game also known as pocket billiards
POOL Betting sum
POOL Eightball is a form of it
POOL Accumulation
POOL An area of water for swimming in. Some people have one in their backyard
POOL See 13
POOL Snooker's cousin
POOL Lido - kitty - ball game
POOL Game that may involve bumpers
POOL Game that starts with a break

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